“You’re F**king Hulk Hogan”: WWE Legend Trashes The Hulkster for Leaving Brock Lesnar High and Dry

“You’re F**king Hulk Hogan”: WWE Legend Trashes The Hulkster for Leaving Brock Lesnar High and Dry

Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan (Image Credits -WWE)

Hulk Hogan is undoubtedly one of the biggest stalwarts in the wrestling industry. The 6-time WWE Champion has been at the forefront of many iconic feuds that have gone down to become instant classics. But, at times, “The Hulkamania” has had several ego issues and has refused to work with many stars just because he was booked to lose.

Now, a former WWE Legend has revealed that there was a time when Hogan left the company when he was asked to lose to The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Jim Ross, who was previously associated with WWE as a commentator has revealed Why Mr. America refused to lose to Lesnar, who was relevantly a new star at that time.


While speaking during the recent episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross reflected on the eventually cancelled Hulk Hogan vs. Brock Lesnar feud. JR blasted Hogan for keeping his ego above the company and said that it wouldn’t have mattered to him that much, but it could’ve done wonders for Lesnar as WWE was keen on pushing him in a high profile feud against The Rock.

Jim Ross explained his stance and said- “Really? You’re f*cking Hulk Hogan. You’re over, you’ll be over for eternity and beyond. And in three or four days a normal dude is going to forget, really it’s not gonna become a big issue whatsoever about who won and who lost, especially who lost. You embellish the winner and all that good stuff.”

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Hulk Hogan Had Walked Out of The Company as he Didn’t Want To Lose to Brock Lesnar Twice

Hulk Hogan Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar had defeated Hulk Hogan with a bear hug in 2002 at an episode of SmackDown. (Image Credits – WWE)

Brock Lesnar received a major push from the company upon his arrival and was being portrayed as “The Next Big Thing”. And in order to push Lesnar for a high-profile feud against The Rock, WWE decided to pit him against one of the greatest wrestlers on the roster, i.e. Hulk Hogan. The Beast defeated Hogan with a bear hug that shocked many and thus perfectly established him as a major star.

However, Hogan didn’t take this in a wonderful spirit and when asked to lose to Lesnar for the second time in a rematch, he blatantly refused. Plus, he allegedly walked out of the company before returning at No Way Out in 2003. However, this is not the first time Hogan’s ego had come ahead of the greater good that company was envisioning as he has refused to job many stars in the past as well.

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Whatever the case might be, a feud between The Hulkster and The Beast never took place the way company wanted it and Jim Ross considers it a “blessing in disguise” as he never liked the pairing. While WWE inducted Hogan into the Hall of Fame in 2005, Brock Lesnar became one of the most bankable stars of the company in the future.

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