Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre were forced to improvise the top segment from last night’s Smackdown following a massive botch

Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre improvise their whole segment after a very big botch on live television on a recent episode of Smackdown.

Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre
Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre botch

One of the most intriguing and fascinating feuds currently taking place in the main roaster is between Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre. Due to their dedication and hard work, these Superstars have established themselves very successfully and become well-known in a very short amount of time.

The two best wrestlers on Smackdown who are truly capable of ending Roman Reigns‘ reign as the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion are Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre. Roman will be challenged by whoever prevails in this conflict since the victor is the most qualified for a title opportunity.

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Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules

Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre
Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre

Recently on Smackdown, Karrian Kross and Drew McIntyre had a segment where they were promoting their bout and planning to reveal a match. Their match will take place at the upcoming WWE Premium Event, Extreme Rules, which is scheduled to take place next month.

When Kross and Drew arrived to fight in the middle of the ring, Scarlett was forced to hurl a flashcard that was on fire, which would have made for a much better segment. However, a terrible tragedy occurred when the flashcard failed to light, forcing Drew and Karrion to make do with what they had.

All of the fans appreciated the quick thinking of both of them and how they made Scarlett one of the most important parts of the scenes as without her interference Karrian Kross would not have been able to defeat Drew. They improvised well and used their brains to make out a good brawl on the spot that received a lot of positive feedback from the WWE audience.

“We’re told that very clearly, the flash paper was not ready for live TV and didn’t work in a moment where it needed to catch enough of someone’s face to sell. Word got delivered to Karrion Kross to keep going. He and Drew McIntyre improvised the rest of what happened.

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