“I took that to heart” Kevin Owens reveals life-changing advice from Steve Austin that ultimately led to him facing WWE legend at WrestleMania 38

Kevin Owens sheds light on an enlightening piece of advice he once received from WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin

“I took that to heart” Kevin Owens reveals life-changing advice from Steve Austin that ultimately led to him facing WWE legend at WrestleMania 38

Kevin Owens and Steve Austin (via Turn Heel Wrestling)

Over the course of the decades, many young superstars have had the golden opportunity to face the wrestlers they grew up watching on the WWE stage. Kevin Owens was one such superstar who squared off with his favorite wrestler, Steve Austin. The Prizefighter not only wrestled his idol in WWE, but he faced him at the Grandest Stage of Them All in 2022. Moreover, the former has unveiled a life-changing piece of advice Austin once gave him.

The 39-year-old recently sat down with James Williams for a brief interview. While in conversation, Williams asked the former Universal Champion to share any memorable advice he has ever received both in and out of WWE. Responding to the interviewer, Owens recounted the time when he encountered the Texas Rattlesnake at an airport in 2005.


Back in those days, K.O. was predominantly active in the independent circuits. Steve Austin apparently advised the Prizefighter to always be vocal and truthful during their serendipitous interaction. As a result, Owens believes that the former’s piece of advice was instrumental in his career advancement.

No matter what I do just keep running my mouth, which obviously (mean) keep being vocal, keep talking s**t. And I took that to heart. Oh My God! Did I ever?
Kevin Owens in the interview with James Williams

Furthermore, he added that those attributes eventually became a crucial part of his real-life personality. Kevin Owens also uses Stone Cold’s iconic move, “Stunner,” as his signature move. In addition, he name-dropped the late Dusty Rhodes as one of the people who have abundantly helped the SmackDown superstar during his NXT days.

Kevin Owens gives an apathetic reaction to CM Punk’s jaw-dropping return to WWE

The Best in The World, CM Punk, is arguably the most polarizing figure in the wrestling business today. The superstar has always remained a subject of contention on the internet. His shocking comeback to WWE has drawn polarizing reactions, akin to his personality, from his peers and fans. Speaking of which, Kevin Owens is another superstar who is not thrilled by Punk’s comeback.

CM Punk and Kevin Owens
CM Punk and Kevin Owens (via ProWFinesse on X)

While speaking in a conversation with James Williams, the interviewer asked the former champion his honest thoughts on CM Punk returning to WWE. Owens conspicuously gave a terse response. He simply stated that he just wants to have fun at work. If Punk has the same mindset, then everything is well and good, per Owens.

I just wanna have fun at work, so if he’s got that mindset, great.
Kevin Owens on CM Punk returning to WWE

On the other hand, K.O. gave a contrasting response while addressing Randy Orton’s recent comeback. The Prizefighter heaped praise on the Viper and acknowledged him as a locker room leader. Moreover, Kevin Owens and CM Punk had a minor row during their ROH days. The former’s brusque response to the Straight Edge Superstar only substantiates K.O.’s disdain for the superstar.

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