WWE is taking extreme caution as SHOCKING clause is added to CM Punk’s new contract: Reports

CM Punk signed a new contract with the WWE, including behavior clause in it.

WWE is taking extreme caution as SHOCKING clause is added to CM Punk’s new contract: Reports

CM Punk (via WWE)

CM Punk is regarded as one of the most controversial superstars in WWE history. His return may have been good news for the fans, but now reports are saying that Punk’s new contract might include a behavior clause, given his infamous past incidents with both companies.

When Punk returned to WWE, he said that he’s changed man. It looks like he has changed since his return, had a good reception behind the scenes, and is already establishing a good relationship with his fellow superstars. WWE is handling this situation pretty carefully, as they would like to have this clause in case something unfortunate happens.


Punk had a very bad incident in AEW after he got into a physical altercation with another AEW superstar, Jack Perry. He was suspended and eventually fired by AEW officials. According to FightfulSelect, some people in the company have been informed that Punk has a rare clause in his contract. Although it has not been confirmed, it may very well be true after what happened in the rival company between Punk and other superstars.

This time, WWE is fully prepared and wants to ensure that no incidents happen during CM Punk’s run. Triple H and he started things with new hope. It will be interesting to see whether Punk will show his best behavior or if he will again repeat the same mistakes he made when he was in AEW.

Rene Dupree says he can beat CM Punk in a fight in his podcast

CM Punk has become one of the most talked-about superstars in recent days due to his historic return to the Survivor Series. While the fans were happy to see his return, that can’t be said for a few people, for example, Seth Rollins. But this time, another wrestler took a shot at the Voice Of The Voiceless.

CM Punk and Rene Dupree
CM Punk and Rene Dupree (via X)

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree shows confidence that he can beat Punk in the main event of WrestleMania. During his podcast, a fan asked him a question if he could beat The Best in the World in a fight at WrestleMania, to which Dupree replied, “I would beat his f*cking brains in.”

CM Punk has not yet reacted to Dupree’s challenge as he has many more things to look forward to, so he might just ignore this open challenge of Dupree. But in WWE, anything can happen. The question is will the fans see Rene Dupree and CM Punk in a ring together someday or not. 

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