UFC legend believes Sasha Banks is also returning to WWE at Royal Rumble after CM Punk’s iconic return

Daniel Cormier openly acknowledges that he thinks Sasha Banks might return to WWE at Royal Rumble.

UFC legend believes Sasha Banks is also returning to WWE at Royal Rumble after CM Punk’s iconic return

Sasha Banks and CM Punk (via X/WWE)

The Boss Sasha Banks was one of the top stars in WWE during her tenure with the company. She left the Stamford-based promotion in 2022. Later on, she debuted in the NJPW as Mercedes Mone. In a recent interview, UFC Legend Daniel Cormier expressed that he believes Sasha Banks might return at Royal Rumble in 2024.


During a conversation on The MMA Hour, Daniel Cormier heavily praised Sasha Banks. He called her the best while mentioning her achievements in professional wrestling. Moreover, he also divulged that he has a feeling that The Blueprint might return to WWE at the Royal Rumble.

So my thought is, the Royal Rumble, maybe Sasha Banks comes back. - She's won every championship, she's done everything. And right now, her name is like something Moné, she's like rocking and rolling in Japan. Like, she's the best,
Daniel Cormier on Sasha Banks via The MMA Hour

Sasha Banks, a.k.a. Mercedes Mone, has been on the shelf for a while now. She was injured at the NJPW Resurgence in May. Recently, The Boss shared an update with her fans, where she hinted at her return to professional wrestling. However, Sasha didn’t reveal the promotion she was heading for. Her return rumors have now been solidified after the unlikely return of CM Punk at Survivor Series.

It looks like Daniel Cormier is one of many fans of Sasha Banks who would like to see her back in WWE. Some recent rumors suggest that Banks might show up at the Royal Rumble or later in 2024. It is turning out to be engrossing to see where the future of the former Women’s Champion is headed in her professional wrestling career.


Reports revealed WWE’s current plans on the return of Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has a massive fan following that wants to see her back in the Stamford-based promotion. She is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. Amid her return rumors to WWE, recent reports suggest the current plans for the return of Sasha Banks to WWE.

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks (via X)

As per Ringside News, a member of WWE’s creative team divulged that there are no current plans to bring back Sasha Banks in WWE as of now. However, fans have been wildly speculating about the return of The Blueprint in WWE. After the iconic return of CM Punk, fans have changed their beliefs regarding these reports.

Only time will tell if Sasha Banks will ever make her come back to WWE after legitimately walking out on the company in 2022. Royal Rumble is going to be a huge WWE event, as it seems the company has a lot in store for its fans.

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