“Did she mist you and runaway?” WWE Universe stunned after Asuka’s car accident victim comes forward 

WWE Universe gives a myriad of reactions after the victim of the car accident by Asuka comes forward.

“Did she mist you and runaway?” WWE Universe stunned after Asuka’s car accident victim comes forward 

Asuka (via WWE)

WWE Superstars face many interesting incidents every day. Recently, former Women’s Champion Asuka was trying to sneak away after a live event. Suddenly, she was surrounded by many fans. This caused a bit of chaos that resulted in her car hitting the car ahead.


It turns out that the vehicle belonged to none other than WWE Referee Daphanie LeShaunn. She recently reacted to a video on ‘X’, where the Empress of Tomorrow’s vehicle nudged the vehicle ahead of it. Meanwhile, fans can also see the crowd thronging on all sides.

It seems the female referee is having mixed emotions about it. While she wrote it as a fun fact, the emojis after it also speak a lot. It looks like she did reflect on it and decided to share it with the fans.

Asuka is one of those superstars beloved by fans all over the world. Fans love to get close, either to get autographs or just to snap some pictures. Big names like the Japanese star have profound experience dealing with such situations. Meanwhile, fans can see Asuka on Friday Night SmackDown as she sustains her association with Damage CTRL, led by Bayley.


Fans react to the stunning revelation by Asuka’s car accident victim

WWE Universe came across an interesting incident of Asuka’s car getting swarmed by fans. This was further intensified when Referee Daphanie LeShaunn revealed that she was the victim of the car accident. Fans got stirred by this shocking revelation on ‘X’. Some of the best reactions are below:

Asuka delivering Poison Mist (via WWE)

It seems WWE Universe wanted to mess around a bit with the female referee. Many teased a match between her and Asuka and went on to ask whether she was ready for her. Even her fellow referee Jessika Carr reacted. Others went for a tongue-in-cheek response as they brought in Damage CTRL. In any case, this has become a memorable experience for both of them.

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