“He’d KISS my a**” Kevin Owens TROLLS his fan on Twitter after getting body-shamed

Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens was furious after he got bodyshamed on Twitter and trolls the fan who did this to him.

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens defeated John Cena when he made his debut on main roaster
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Kevin Owens is one of the biggest star in currently in WWE. He is known for not having a proper physique like other wrestlers but makes up to it by his athletelism skills and on mic ability Kevin is a former WWE Universal Champion and United States Champion he is currently on Raw and feuding with Ezekial to prove that he and Elias are the same person.

On last raw Kevin Owens beats Ezekial much more than usual which leads to Ezekial leaving the arena on a stretcher there was supposed to be a match between the two superstars but instead of that Kevin started brawling with him and then gave him an apron Powerbomb which leaded Ezekial for not being able to even stand and leave the arena on a stretcher this segment turned Kevin a heel again and makes everyone anger on him.

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Kevin Owens gets fat-shamed on Twitter

Kevin Owens
Kevin turned heel after beating Ezekial on Raw and is going to get a push very soon

Although Kevin Owens does not have a bodybuilding muscular body he is still an excellent talent WWE can have ever owned. The Canadian superstar recently was trolled on Twitter. After the Raw segment and him turning a heel again one of the personality calls Kevin Owens that he does not do anything in the ring he is just too fat and lazy and is not a good wrestler.

Twitter erupted after this tweet went viral everyone was angry with this person and was showing a lot of support to Kevin as this statement was not true even if his character is bad currently he still holds one of the most athletic bodies in WWE and is gifted with excellent mic skills. Tweets were made about how the person was wrong and Kevin was asked to reply to the fan who called him fat and lazy.

Kevin after all this took on Twitter and trolled the fan he tells everyone that he had already blocked him and does not give a little piece of sh*t even if says anything about him he knows that he is doing a good work in the company otherwise why would WWE be still signed with him and did not release him.

Kevin said, “He can’t. I blocked that little b**** a long time ago. He never got over it. That’s why he does this. If he met me in person, he’d kiss my a** and call me “brother” to try and feel like he’s one of the boys. There’s a hundred like him out there”

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