WATCH: Lita makes a baffling appearance at an Independent Wrestling show amid WWE hiatus

Just when no one could've thought, Lita made an appearance for Hoodslam Wrestling. She interfered during an Intergender match, favoring the women's wrestler.

WATCH: Lita makes a baffling appearance at an Independent Wrestling show amid WWE hiatus

Lita on WWE Raw last year (via- NY Post)

Not that long ago, Lita was regularly appearing on Monday Night Raw. It was almost like a full-time run while it lasted. After a dreamy WrestleMania 39 experience, the Fearless Diva was written off television on April 10th edition of the red brand. Since then, she has not appeared on WWE television in any capacity. However, that wasn’t enough to make Lita reject any outside offers.


That being said, she recently appeared on Hoodslam wrestling. Before she arrived on the scenes, Dark Sheik was hustling against Jack Cartwheel in an intergender contest. At one point, Jack planted Sheik following an innovative top-rope splash. However, after Sheik’s partner prevented the referee from completing the pinfall attempt, Cartwheel grew in agony.

Just when he was busy surveying the shenanigans, the WWE legend Lita appeared out of nowhere. She kicked the male wrestler in the mid-section to everyone’s delight. As a result, Black Sheik successfully rolled-up Cartwheel for the victory. At the end, it really was a flabbergasting sight to behold someone like Lita in such capacity. You can check the entire clip below.


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Lita competed at this year’s WrestleMania

Lita and Becky Lynch
Lita and Becky Lynch (via- WWE)

To what can come as a shock, this year’s Showcase of the Immortals was only the 2nd WrestleMania of Lita’s WWE career. Before 2023, the Attitude Era veteran only wrestled at WrestleMania 17 where she lost her women’s title to Trish Stratus. It’s true that despite having a revolutionary influence on women’s wrestling, the 46-year-old never really got any moment to boast about at WrestleMania.

Thankfully, the wrestling gods called her back for a run earlier this year. She first won the Women’s Tag-Team titles with Becky Lynch on an episode of Raw. The dynamic duo of Lynch & Lita outclassed Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai. After endless occasions of Damage CTRL putting the numbers game advantage on the champs, Trish Stratus joined the field.

The babyfaces then joined forces to take on Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky at WrestleMania. These women were carded on Night 1 and what an absolute banger of a match they delivered. Each woman received her moment during the bout, resulting in an overall success. Coming to the result, Becky Lynch pinned Bayley after a top-rope Manhandle slam.


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