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“As a female, I would love to take an RKO from Randy Orton” – Liv Morgan expressed her weird wish and supported inter-gender wrestling

WWE superstar Liv Morgan appeared in an interview where she expressed her desire to receive an RKO from Randy Orton himself

Liv Morgan and Randy Orton

In a recent interview, WWE superstar Liv Morgan talked about her favorite wrestling move. And guess what, she stated that she would love to be a victim of it. Talking of signature moves, there are quite a number of amazing moves developed by WWE superstars over time.

Every kid growing up watching wrestling entertainment shows have memorized nearly all the classic moves. Even reports come in every now and then that kids are attempting to replicate their favorite superstars’ signature moves on their friends. And Liv Morgan has a similar desire.

The 28-year-old superstar openly stated that she would like to accept an RKO from none other than Randy Orton himself. According to Morgan, she has grown watching Randy Orton perform inside the ring and since then, she has been a great fan of Orton.

During the interview, Morgan also supported the notion of organizing regular inter-gender wrestling matches. She also admitted to have already received an RKO, but it came from Sonya.

The 28-year-old said in the interview, “It’s (RKO) so iconic. Yeah, as a female I would be all about inter-gender wrestling. I would love to take an RKO from Randy [Orton.] I got one from Sonya, so that’s maybe even better.”

She continued, “We got a yacht and Sonya was so nice… So she wanted to give me an RKO, which I’d never taken before and she gave it to me, and honestly I hurt my knee so bad.”

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Will Liv Morgan’s dream come true?

Liv Morgan on RAW

During past interviews, Liv Morgan had openly talked about having a crush on John Cena. And now, she expressed her interest to receive an RKO from none other than The Viper himself. It awaits to be seen if WWE ever gets serious about organizing inter-gender contests.

In this regard, it’s worth noting that Randy Orton himself has been a part of an inter-gender bout, where he wrestled against Alexa Bliss. Therefore, if luck prevails, Liv Morgan’s wish might come true at some point when she might be scheduled against The Viper.

Liv Morgan will next compete at the Money in the Bank on Saturday night, with Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi, and Lacey Evans, as her opponents. The WWE Universe can’t wait to see Liv Morgan perform inside the ring.

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