Logan Paul explains why holding the United States Title is a matter of PRESTIGE in WWE

Logan Paul currently holds the coveted United States Championship and spoke about its significance.

Logan Paul explains why holding the United States Title is a matter of PRESTIGE in WWE

Logan Paul (@LoganPaul via Instagram)

Logan Paul became the new United States champion after beating Rey Mysterio in a rather controversial fashion at Crown Jewel. However, he is catching a lot of eyeballs outside the ring because of his antics. From posting a naked picture with the belt to literally trying to sell the belt in a shop, he is doing everything to keep himself and the title in the limelight.

Logan Paul is a YouTuber, a boxer, and now a wrestler too. He also runs his own podcast called Impulsive. Recently, he posted a new episode of it where he spoke about the value of holding the United States Championship. While speaking on the Impaulsive, the social media megastar explained that holding the coveted title is a matter of great prestige for him.


Logan Paul said that wrestling is a 360-degree art as it involves various aspects, which makes it quite difficult. Speaking about the US title, he stated that it is an embodiment of accomplishment. Paul added that WWE doesn’t give it to anyone, and having this belt means the company is entrusting him.

To me, it's a symbol of accomplishment and trust in the craft and the human. The WWE doesn't give this belt to someone. Like it's a big deal that they stamp you and they are willing to say you've done enough for our company for us to put one of our titles on you.
Logan Paul about the US Title

Moreover, the 38-year-old stated that holding this title signifies that he has done some incredible things in WWE. He went on to express his euphoria about holding the coveted title. According to The Maverick, winning the title is like an achievement. Furthermore, Logan Paul revealed that when he was handed the shiny belt,he felt like all his struggles were worth it.

Logan Paul has certainly impressed everybody with his understanding of this sport and his amazing in-ring skills. Recently, WWE announced that he would be part of the Elimination Chamber premium live event taking place in Australia next year. Fans are excited to discover who his first opponent will be.


Kurt Angle believes Logan Paul has the potential to become a World Champion

WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Kurt Angle spoke about the current United States Champion in an interview. Angle heaped praise on Logan Paul and believes that he has what it takes to become a world champion. He said if he gains more experience in the ring and wrestles more, he will be on that path.

Kurt Angle and Logan Paul
Kurt Angle and Logan Paul (via WWE)

While speaking on True Geordie, Kurt Angle expressed that he was very impressed by his work rate and his in-ring performance. Angle stated that he was happy to see Logan Paul win the US Title and called it a great accomplishment.

I think if he continues on and he has more experience, because he's not quite experienced enough yet, he's gonna be really, really good, and I think he'll end up being world champion.
Kurt Angle about Logan Paul

Even though he never had a pro wrestling background, Logan Paul has earned the respect of many top stars through his hard work. Certainly, if he continues to wrestle more matches for the company, he will surely reach new heights in the future.


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