WATCH: Major botch by former champions on Raw you might have missed 

Jey Uso and The New Day defeated Imperium in a 6-man tag team match on Raw.

WATCH: Major botch by former champions on Raw you might have missed 

A six-man tag team match on Raw almost went wrong (via WWE)

The rivalry between The New Day and Imperium is breaking all the barriers of insanity week by week. They are trying to destroy each other with each passing Raw episode. Now, Intercontinental Champion Gunther and “Main Event” Jey Uso have involved themselves in this ongoing rivalry too. 

On the latest episode of Raw, New Day and Jey Uso went against Imperium. Although the match was fantastic, fans online noticed a botched move during the final moments. While performing the 1-D, Jey had to catch Vinci’s neck and slam him down, but he completely missed it. Thankfully, it did not look that bad due to the smart camera angle used by WWE. Jey finished the match with an impressive frog splash on Vinci. 

On last week’s episode of Raw, Gunther came out with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci to celebrate his 600-day reign as I.C. Champion. Previously, he defeated Kofi Kingston in a fantastic match to gain the upper hand in this brutal rivalry. However, their celebration was cut short as Jey interrupted them and went face-to-face with The Ring General. 

Jey lost his control after Gunther’s provocation and launched an attack on him, but was easily outnumbered by Imperium. Kofi and Xavier Woods evened the odds by attacking the trio, forcing them to retreat. 

Now, after winning the 6-man tag team match, Jey will challenge Gunther for the I.C. title next week on Raw. It will be interesting to see whether the UCE dethrones the Imperium leader or whether Gunther retains the title again.

Kofi Kingston was ready to finish the story if Cody Rhodes’ story didn’t work out

Every superstar is keeping a close eye on Cody Rhodes‘ story, and one of those superstars is Kofi Kingston. However, he is seemingly looking forward to taking his place at WrestleMania and relieving the ‘KofiMania’ moment one more time. 

Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes
Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes (via Wrestling Inc.)

Kofi took to X and discussed the aftermath of what happened at the WrestleMania XL press conference. The American Nightmare finally challenged Roman Reigns for the title at the Show of Shows. However, Kingston stated that if it didn’t work out for Cody, he was ready to replace him at WrestleMania and finish his own story.

For the record; if it didn’t work out for Cody, I was fully ready to get up in there…

Kofi Kingston on X

The pair had joked about finishing the story when Kofi hilariously told Cody he had to finish his own story to finish as well. As of now, The New Day member is feuding with Imperium, and fans are loving the intensity shown by both sides. As for Kingston’s story, it is unlikely the WWE Universe will see him with a World Title again. However, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

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