WATCH: Former WWE Champion gets brutally attacked after match for causing injury last week on Raw

Kofi Kingston faced Ludwig Kaiser on this week's episode of Raw.

WATCH: Former WWE Champion gets brutally attacked after match for causing injury last week on Raw

Ludwig Kaiser and Kofi Kingston on Raw (via Matt Kempke on YouTube)

On last week’s episode of Raw, Giovanni Vinci suffered an unfortunate injury while performing a high-risk spot with Kofi Kingston. As a result, Ludwig Kaiser sought revenge for his Imperium teammate on the latest edition. However, he might’ve taken it a bit far as he brutally decimated the former WWE Champion.


Kaiser’s bout against Kofi ended in a double countout. The latter expressed his disappointment as he continued to brawl on the outside. After a while, the Imperium member fought back aggressively. Kaiser knocked the veteran down by throwing a commentary chair directly in his face. The 32-year-old didn’t stop there, as he viciously used the steel steps to further damage Kofi.

Evidently, Kaiser was not at all pleased with The New Day member “causing” Vinci’s injury. For the first time on the main roster, he showed his wicked side and followed his leader, Gunther‘s way of asserting dominance. WWE later revealed that Kofi was being evaluated by the medical staff.

The Ring General would’ve surely been proud of Ludwig Kaiser’s ruthless response on Raw. The longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion will return on next week’s episode. It will be interesting to see if this leads to an angle between the Imperium leader and Kofi Kingston.


Ludwig Kaiser lashes out at Kofi Kingston after brutally attacking him on Raw

On the latest episode of Raw, Ludwig Kaiser made a bold statement on behalf of Imperium. He sent a message to the locker room through a hellacious beatdown on Kofi Kingston. Furthermore, the 32-year-old vented his frustration, delivering a scathing promo.

Ludwig Kaiser viciously attacks Kofi Kingston on Raw
Ludwig Kaiser viciously attacks Kofi Kingston on Raw (via WWE)

Kaiser blamed Kofi for the beatdown that he suffered. He believes that The New Day member’s actions led to him “carrying the weight” of his faction on Raw. At last, the former NXT star claimed that he took out Kofi in the same way the veteran injured Giovanni Vinci.

By the looks of it, a feud between Imperium and The New Day is on the cards. The former team hasn’t replicated its NXT UK success on the main roster. As a result, they will look to take over the company in 2024 by capturing the Tag Team Championships.

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