Controversial released Superstar claims he was slated to win the Money in the Bank match until Vince McMahon favored his favorite star just before the show

Vince McMahon is infamous for his impromptu changes to last-minute changes, as Matt Riddle recently shared how he himself faced its brunt during MITB 2022.

Controversial released Superstar claims he was slated to win the Money in the Bank match until Vince McMahon favored his favorite star just before the show

Vince McMahon (via @spikeeditx/'X')

During his run in the Stamford-based company, Matt Riddle was arguably one of the biggest stars. He not only had several memorable rivalries and segments, but even managed to win the Raw Tag Team Championships with Randy Orton. However, it seems that the King of Bros was denied some opportunities as well, notably winning the Money in the Bank briefcase.


The Stallion was recently a part of an independent virtual signing hosted by Signed By Superstars. During his two-hour session, he eloquently talked about his years in WWE. He also stated how he was slated to win the 2022 Money in the Bank contract. That was the planned finish until Vince McMahon decided to replace him with his favorite superstar, Austin Theory. 

"I was supposed to win Money in the Bank but Vince (McMahon) really likes Austin Theory and literally hours before, they changed it and Austin was added in and threw me off the ladder."
Matt Riddle on almost winning Money In The Bank

Additionally, The Original Bro went on to state that he doesn’t harbor any hard feelings about the change. He expressed his love for the former United States Champion, Theory, and wished him success in the future. The 26-year-old was Vince McMahon’s protégée during that angle and was often pushed for several opportunities against the likability of fans.

Outside of WWE, Riddle seems to be having his hands full with a lot of opportunities. He recently made a fabulous in-ring comeback against Jacob Fatu at MLW’s Live Event. He has also challenged NJPW’s newly appointed President, Hiroshi Tanahashi, to a one-on-one match. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for the controversial star.


Matt Riddle thinks he might finally face Goldberg in AEW

As previously stated, Riddle made a fantastic appearance at Signed by Superstars. He answered several questions that not only loomed around his present and past but even the future. Upon being inquired about facing the Hall of Famer, Goldberg, he stated that he had some ideas about when and how the match might happen.

Goldberg and Matt Riddle
Goldberg and Matt Riddle (via WWE)
"I think I could get something out of him that people haven’t seen in years and I think it’d be great for business… There’s a couple of places we could do that. I would imagine maybe an AEW, maybe a TNA, maybe a New Japan but if it was gonna happen, it’d probably be AEW."
Matt Riddle on facing Goldberg

As can be inferred, Riddle has the highest trust in the abilities of Tony Khan, making the ‘dream match’ a reality. Goldberg, who is also a free agent, has been on the lookout to make his retirement match possible. Facing Matt Riddle could be a plausible answer.

The former Universal Champion has also expressed his contempt for the policies of Vince McMahon. He lamented how he fulfilled his end by wrestling Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber. However, he never received the desired retirement match. 

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