“That man’s pi**ed,” WWE Referee reveals what really went wrong in the infamous Goldberg vs. The Undertaker match in Saudi Arabia

Former WWE official, Mike Chioda, sheds light on the controversial Goldberg vs. The Undertaker match at Super ShowDown 2019.

“That man’s pi**ed,” WWE Referee reveals what really went wrong in the infamous Goldberg vs. The Undertaker match in Saudi Arabia

The Undertaker and Goldberg at Super ShowDown 2019 (via WWE)

Mike Chioda is undeniably one of the greatest referees of all time. The former WWE official carved an everlasting legacy with his three-decade-long service in the Stamford-based promotion. He is also the longest-tenured referee in the history of WWE. Speaking of Chioda, the retired referee recently reflected on the infamous match between Goldberg and The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.


The 55-year-old recently appeared on the Insight podcast of Chris Van Vliet. During the interview, the host broached The Undertaker and Goldberg’s Saudi Arabia match as one of the scariest moments in Chioda’s career. Responding to Vliet, the former WWE official spoke about what actually went wrong in the marquee match.

Goldberg and The Undertaker battled each other in the main event of Super Showdown 2019. The said match was refereed by Mike Chioda, who described the entire situation as scary. Amidst the match, Goldberg suffered a concussion after hitting a turnbuckle. Everything that transpired after that was downhill, per the retired official.

You know, it wasn’t in his normal Undertaker character. He just had a lot on his mind. He was just looking around. I’m just sitting on the outside of the ring going Oh, sh*t, that man's p*ssed. Like, thank God, everything worked out.
Mike Chioda about The Undertaker on Insight Podcast

Chioda stated that the 56-year-old botched a Jackhammer, leading to the Deadman clumsily landing on his neck. The former added that The Undertaker was visibly upset after the botched spot, which nearly injured him. Furthermore, he noted that The Phenom was almost on the verge of breaking his character at the end of the match. However, the three men somehow worked through the perturbing situations and completed the match.


Mike Chioda gives an account on what took place prior to the infamous Goldberg vs. The Undertaker match

The Undertaker vs. Goldberg was supposed to be an iconic showdown between two of the greatest of all time. However, the marquee match was anything but iconic. Not only the match failed to live up to the fans’ expectations, but it was beset with concussions and botched spots. Mike Chioda, who officiated the match in 2019, recently detailed on what went down prior to the match.

Mike Chioda, The Undertaker and Goldberg
Mike Chioda, The Undertaker and Goldberg (via YouTube and WWE)

Speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, the 55-year-old stated that all the WWE superstars were exhausted going into the Saudi Arabia PLE. Furthermore, he recalled going through the locker room to check in on the talents. While visiting the locker room, Mike Chioda remarked that he noticed the talent in the backstage muttering about Goldberg.

Some people were always saying like, you know, Goldberg came out of dressing room. He was hitting his head on it on the thing, but I was in the ring at the time. So and I didn’t see you know, they showed a little gash when he came out.
Mike Chioda on Insight Podcast

Chioda noted that the WWE Hall of Famer seemingly headbutted his head on to something prior to the latter’s match. As a result, he sustained a gash on his head way before the main event bout even began. When the 56-year-old collided against the turnbuckle in the midst of the match, it led to a severe concussion, exacerbating the already existing incision.

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