“Probably The Rock” Current top AEW superstar talks about following the path of legendary wrestlers

Top AEW Superstar reveals his future plans on following the path of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Rock.

The Rock
The Rock in WWE

The Rock is undoubtedly the most well-known wrestler who transitioned to Hollywood. He has accomplished everything now and is the most paid actor in the world in addition to having a Hall of Fame-caliber career in the WWE. He is also one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

The Rock was one of the best and most legendary promo performers WWE has ever had, and he was fantastic on the mic. He was an immediate natural on the mic, and WWE or the entire wrestling business had never seen anything like him. After all this time, MJF is another man who, from the standpoint of a promo, has what it takes to succeed The Rock.

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MJF wants to do movies in the future like The Rock

The Rock
The Rock and MJF

One of the biggest talents in AEW right now is MJF, who is also the top heel on the company’s roster. He even has the Chip in his possession, giving him the right to request a match for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship whenever and anywhere he pleases.

In a recent interview, MJF was asked about his future intentions. He responded that he envisions himself working in the film industry since he is so charismatic that no one will be able to stop him there and everyone will like him.

He also mentioned a few WWE wrestlers, including John Cena, Batista, and The Rock, who went on to have good acting careers after having successful wrestling careers. We don’t know if he possesses the IT factor, but let’s wait and see what happens. He stated that he would emulate The Rock and do his best to become the finest in Hollywood.

MJF said, “There are a lot of feelers out there. I’ll be heading out to LA [Los Angeles] literally after Dynamite for a lot of meetings. There are a lot of people interested in MJF.”

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