“He hit him with the promo” Former WWE writer compares Kevin Owens new promo work to AEW’s superstar MJF

Former WWE Writer compares Kevin Owens new promos to one of the top promo workers of AEW currently MJF.

MJF and Kevin Owens
MJF and Kevin Owens

One of the stars of the new generation who has made a name for himself on the main roster since his debut is Kevin Owens. He accomplished a lot in his career, holding the WWE Universal Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and even the United States Championship on numerous occasions.

Since Vince McMahon retired and Triple H took over the organization, Kevin Owens has been doing a lot of outstanding jobs and has been encouraged. Kevin is the only wrestler to have pinned John Cena cleanly in his debut bout and the only one to have defeated the 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion in his debut match.

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Kevin Owens and Austin Theory feud is interesting

Kevin owens
Kevin Owens on Raw

Austin Theory, who currently holds the Money In The Bank contract, and Kevin have recently been engaged in a TV feud. Both of them required this time on television since they have been doing excellent work and this feud, particularly for Kevin Owens, has thus far been quite successful.

As a result of his excellent promos on recent episodes of Raw, Kevin Owens is now even being compared to one of the greatest heel talkers in the history of professional wrestling, AEW’s top performer MJF. This is claimed and many other things are said by a former WWE writer.

First and foremost, he claimed, they are both amazing at the work they are given, but Kevin has been progressing significantly lately, literally and figuratively punching Autin with his promo work. As a result, he claimed, he is very close to MJF’s most recent one and a half years of work, who is widely acknowledged to be one of the most talented individuals.

“Kevin Owens came out to interrupt Austin Theory and hit him – well he hit him, but before he hit him in the face, he hit him with a promo that I would put up there against anything MJF’s done in the last year and a half. And he’s damn near almost done it two times in a week now.”

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