SmackDown GM Nick Aldis officially suspends 39-year-old superstar following the violation of rules on commentary

The top-ranked authority on SmackDown, Nick Aldis, indefinitely suspended Kevin Owens after the show.

SmackDown GM Nick Aldis officially suspends 39-year-old superstar following the violation of rules on commentary

Nick Aldis suspends Kevin Owens from SmackDown [via- WWE]

Like a true gentleman, Kevin Owens took it upon himself to fill in Corey Graves‘ void on commentary last night. The latter just became a father to Carmella‘s first baby with him and was hence had a week off. Owens, who persuaded SmackDown GM Nick Aldis to sit alongside Kevin Patrick and Michael Cole for the show, eventually ended his night with a suspension.


Nick Aldis was all for Kevin Owens’ presence on the commentary. However, the general manager asked Owens not to lose his composure or engage in any sort of physical activity on air. Everything was going well until Grayson Waller, who had just lost to LA Knight, and Austin Theory met Owens at ringside. The A-Town Down Under trash talked with Owens and tested his patience.

Grayson Waller even emptied a water bottle on Kevin Owens’ head on SmackDown. That was enough for The Prizefighter to go after them. Though Austin Theory got out of harm’s way in time, Grayson ended up eating a stunner. The brawl concluded on a high for the French-Canadian, but he sort of knew he messed up. After the show, Aldis cut off Kevvin during an exclusive interview with Cathy Kelley. First things first, Owens respectfully returned Nick’s tie he was wearing, though wet.


That didn’t stop Mr. Aldis from suspending Kevin Owens. Though it was a tad harsh on the former World Champion, the SmackDown GM had no choice. Owens said he’d go and talk with Aldis to reconsider his decision. At this point, Kevin’s fate stands still, and he’s out indefinitely.

Where is Kevin Owens headed following suspension from Nick Aldis?

A few weeks ago, WWE traded Kevin Owens from SmackDown to Raw. The move came with a huge promise, as it teased the start of a single run for him. There are several superstars Kevin has yet to face, especially on the blue brand.

Kevin Owens and Nick Aldis
Kevin Owens and Nick Aldis [via- WWE]

He might have found a couple of those in Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. Two weeks ago, Owens simultaneously punched both superstars backstage. Now that Owens faces suspension, Waller and Theory might feel they won this battle.

However, the former Universal Champion will seek revenge once he’s back. Though the Canadian wrestler has had a few battles with Austin Theory on Raw, he’s yet to face Grayson Waller one-on-one. How Kevin will tackle those egomaniacs all by himself remains to be seen.


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