31-year-old Superstar recalls trying to alarm Logan Paul upon his first meeting with The Maverick in WWE

One-half of The Alpha Academy, Otis, recently shared the gist of his first encounter with Logan Paul in WWE.

31-year-old Superstar recalls trying to alarm Logan Paul upon his first meeting with The Maverick in WWE

Logan Paul might go on a WWE hiatus after SummerSlam(via- Bleacher Report)

Logan Paul first entered WWE as an outsider. However, due to his sheer determination and unreal athleticism, he made a name for himself in this business. He’s had some interesting backstage incidents with fellow WWE Superstars. The anecdote was recently shared by current Raw highlight, Otis. He revealed that he was trying to encounter Paul in an amusingly menacing way.

Being the latest guests on the After the Bell podcast, Chad Gable and Otis discussed a variety of topics. Apart from their evolution as The Alpha Academy, Otis brought up his meeting with Logan Paul. Admittedly, the behemoth wasn’t even aware of The Maverick before he first arrived at the company. Then, Chad Gable notified his No.1 guy about Paul’s unfathomable social media stature.


Otis, who readily cracks people up, once went up to Logan Paul backstage. Prior to that, the YouTuber had an interview where he warned thatif someone’s going to mess it up for him, he’s going to return the favor too. However, Otis went closer and exclaimed, “What are you looking at, you son of a b*tch?” Well, despite Otis’ best efforts, Logan didn’t get carried away and he giggled.

In fact, Logan Paul simply said, “I’m looking at you, big boy.” Usually, words don’t do justice to what really transpires in-person. However, for sure, that interaction between Otis and Logan Paul seemed like a cool one. Otis applied his best shot to allegedly intimidate The Maverick in his own way. But, Paul robustly held his ground, giving it back to The Alpha Academy member.

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Logan Paul could steal the show at SummerSlam this year

Logan Paul vs. Ricochet
Logan Paul vs. Ricochet could rule at SummerSlam (via- WWE)

In his short WWE career, Logan Paul has made headlines with each one of his matches. He takes every matchup as a new chapter and adds a different flavor with his flamboyant character. At the moment, he’s beefing with Ricochet, the same guy with whom Logan has had several jaw-dropping moments this year. Finally, they’re going to settle their differences one-on-one at SummerSlam this Saturday.

The two men met on RAW this week for the last time before their showdown. The Maverick was visibly upset over his fate two weeks ago. He vowed to avenge his ignominy and promised a beating for Ricochet and said that it would be the most viral match in WWE history. Once Ricochet entered the ring, the YouTube star dragged his fiancee into the matter.

Having had enough of Logan’s balderdash, Ricochet attacked the social media megastar. However, at the end, The Maverick stood tall. And then, Logan Paul recorded the scenes on his phone before leaving the arena in Houston. Also, he’s the odds-on favorite to conquer Ricochet in Detroit at Ford Field.


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