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REVEALED : Shocking plans for Edge and Beth Phoenix’s appearance on Monday Night Raw this week got scrapped after Vince McMahon’s retirement

Fans wonder why Edge did not show up at the Monday Night RAW at the Madison Square Garden.

Fans wonder why Edge did not show up at the Monday Night RAW at the Madison Square Garden.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has established himself over the last 30 years as a successful and dedicated wrestler for the company. He has a lot of singles as well as tag team matches in his career, which he performed at, with a mindset to win. His injury in 2011, took him away from the ring but couldn’t keep him away from WWE. 

Despite being injured, he usually attended WWE’s episodes either on the ring side or backstage. He also had regular appearances in Hollywood before returning back to the WWE ring in 2020. The entire crowd was excited on seeing their star as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. 

Presently, The Edge was leading a team that included Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley and called it the Judgement Day. Edge was introducing Finn Balor as the new member of the team when Finn took over and kicked Edge out of the team. Rhea and Damian also supported Finn in his actions thus forming the new Judgement Day. Edge has been out of the ring  since the incident happened.

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The R Rated Superstar Edge was supposed to make an appearance at the Madison Square Garden

Fans wonder why Edge did not show up at the Monday Night RAW at the Madison Square Garden.

PWInsider has reported that both Edge and Beth Phoenix were initially pencilled in for this week’s Monday Night Raw tapings at MSG but the plans got nixed after Vince McMahon’a departure. WWE RAW has been showing some eerie vignettes showcasing the greatest rivals of the Edge over the last few decades. The venue also hosted Rey Mysterio completing his 20 years in the ring.

In our Elite section, We reported that Edge and Beth Phoenix were both slated for MSG but then reported plans changed shortly after the Vince McMahon exit. The original plans had them slated for Summerslam weekend, but there’s no word whether that is still happening or they are holding off“. The fans hoped Edge to return at any instant during the event but to no avail.

We have already seen many changes that have happened in and outside the ring with Vince McMahon stepping down as the CEO of the company and due to the investigation that is being carried out with respect to his hush money scandal. Triple H has taken over the management responsibilities. It can be assumed that with the change in powers, the plot of the storyline might have taken a different turn. 

WWE SummerSlam is going to take place this Saturday in Nashville. Judgment Day will face Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio in a tag team match. Finn Balor and Damian are also trying to convince Dominic to turn against his father. Can we expect The Edge to enter the ring and complete his revenge with his ex – team? Will Dominic be convinced to turn up against his father? Will we get to see the legends – Rey Mysterio and the Edge go against their own?

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