Rey Mysterio’s protégé returns on SmackDown, picks up win against 31-year-old star

Dragon Lee beats Angel Garza upon his return to SmackDown.

Rey Mysterio’s protégé returns on SmackDown, picks up win against 31-year-old star

Rey Mysterio' protégé (via WWE)

Since turning his back on LWO, Santos Escobar has formed his own faction. He has revived Legado del Fantasma and recruited Elektra Lopez into the faction. Rey Mysterio had been missing after getting injured by Escobar when the latter betrayed him and Carlito. However, Rey’s protégé Dragon Lee has sided with his idol’s side to aid LWO.

On SmackDown this week, Lee wrestled Angel Garza of Legado del Fantasma. The match was good and ultimately, Dragon won the match but could not celebrate. Humberto Carillo charged an attack on him followed by his stablemates. Ironically, the WWE Universe kept looking at the stage but LWO did not come to the rescue.

Lee returned to SmackDown last week when he was seen backstage with the LWO. However, this week, he was all alone and wrestled the 31-year-old Superstar all on his own. Before the match, he was confronted by Rey’s enemy group. Things turned ugly when the recently arrived Superstar pushed Santos and got pushed by Garza to the floor.

Last week, Carlito of LWO wrestled Santos in a Street fight. In the match, Legado del Fantasma dominated the entire LWO. Mysterio’s music hit and WWE Universe exploded. The Master of the 619 returned after his long hiatus in crutches unable to walk properly. Later, he called off his act and attacked Escobar’s group.

Rey Mysterio is scheduled to return next week on SmackDown

Rey Mysterio returned last week to send a statement to Legado del Fantasma. WWE announced on SmackDown this week that The Biggest Little Man is returning next week. WWE has stated that Santos and his group handed the beatdown to Lee, an admirer of Mysterio, and questioned his reply upon his return.

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio returns next week on SmackDown (via WWE)

It will be interesting to see how The Hall of Famer handles his former protégé’s actions attacking his current protégé. The Ultimate Underdog will potentially begin his WrestleMania plan. Last year, Mysterio wrestled his son, Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania in the first Father vs. Son match. It seems luck is not on Rey’s side forcing him to fight his pupils now and then.

It is unclear whether The Giant Killer will have a singles contest or have LWO collide with Legado del Fantasma. Furthermore, 3-time Grammy Award winner Bad Bunny, who played an important role in The Super Duper Kid’s match’s future is uncertain. Bunny interfered in Rey’s match against DomDom and helped the 49-year-old Superstar pick up the win.

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