“I can’t stand this,” Rey Mysterio finally breaks silence after shocking return on SmackDown to save Carlito

Rey Mysterio made a dramatic return on SmackDown, costing Santos Escobar a match.

“I can’t stand this,” Rey Mysterio finally breaks silence after shocking return on SmackDown to save Carlito

Rey Mysterio and The LWO (via WWE)

The recent episode of SmackDown delivered a stellar show, highlighted by a vicious street fight between Carlito and Santos Escobar. This intense matchup not only showcased the fierce rivalry between the two but also marked the return of the legendary Rey Mysterio. Recently, The legendary luchador has shared his opinion on his shocking return.

Rey Mysterio passionately expressed his support for the LWO, emphasizing their bond as a solid team and family. He affirmed his loyalty to Carlito, stating that he couldn’t leave him alone in his time of need. Rey hinted at a deeper plan for Santos Escobar, suggesting that the confrontation was just the start of a larger strategy. His words hinted at a looming challenge for Escobar, indicating that Rey and the LWO have a united front prepared for the future.

The match between Carlito and Santos Escobar was an intense brawl from the start. Carlito wasted no time taking the fight to Escobar, throwing him around the ringside area and even introducing a table into the mix. The fans witnessed a display of aggression as both men fiercely fought.

This is a solid team. This is family, familia. And there was no way I was gonna leave Carlito alone today. Even though family is always here and present, this is only the beginning to what's to come for Santos Escobar. I can't stand this
Rey Mysetrio via SmackDown LowDown

After the commercial break, the action continued with Carlito and Escobar using various weapons like steel chairs and a trash can. The match took a chaotic turn when Angel and Humberto interfered, attacking Carlito. However, the LWO came to Carlito’s aid, leading to a wild brawl. Rey Mysterio made a dramatic return, fending off Angel and Humberto with crutches. With the odds now in his favor, Carlito seized the opportunity, hitting Escobar with a devastating backstabber and slamming him through a table for the pinfall victory.

Potential matchups for Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania

Rey Mysterio has just made a triumphant return from a significant injury, timing his comeback perfectly with the arrival of WrestleMania season. With fans eagerly anticipating his next move, speculation is rife about what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the legendary luchador.

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar
Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar (via WWE)

Rey Mysterio has been embroiled in a heated feud with Santos Escobar, which reached a boiling point at Crown Jewel when Rey lost the United States title to Logan Paul, with Escobar’s interference playing a crucial role in the outcome. The following week on SmackDown, Escobar made his intentions clear by fully embracing his heel persona and launching a vicious attack on Rey Mysterio, solidifying his betrayal and escalating the rivalry to new heights.

The upcoming WrestleMania could see a highly anticipated singles match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar, considering their intense feud. However, with the feud extending to involve their respective factions, the Latin World Order and Legado Del Fantasma, a multi-person tag team match involving both groups is also a strong possibility. The tension between these factions adds an intriguing layer to the potential matchups at WrestleMania.

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