WATCH: WWE HOF’er returns to SmackDown after almost 3 months to cost former ally in a chaotic Street Fight 

The Lucha Libre legend marked his return to SmackDown in Arizona.

WATCH: WWE HOF’er returns to SmackDown after almost 3 months to cost former ally in a chaotic Street Fight 

WWE HOF'er returns on SmackDown [via- WWE]

For the first time since November, Rey Mysterio returned to SmackDown this week. The WWE legend’s battle hymn set the Desert Diamond Arena ablaze as he arrived at Carlito‘s aid against Santos Escobar. Once pegged as LWO comrades, Escobar and Carlito have been at loggerheads ever since the former betrayed Mysterio. They collided in a Street Fight last night. Once the Legado Del Fantasma outnumbered The Caribbean Cool, Rey made the save.

He was on crutches. But Mysterio duped Angel Garza and Humberto on the entranceway. And once he got into the ring, the WWE HOF’er stood across Santos Escobar. The ongoing match brought glory to the babyfaces as Rey executed a 619 on Escobar, followed by Carlito’s spinebuster through the table. As a result, the Puerto Rican wrestler ousted Legado’s supremo.

In this way, Carlito also avenged the sneak attack levied on him by Santos on SmackDown before the Survivor Series. The LWO, in full force, having Rey Mysterio back in the fold, celebrated in unison following this week’s turn of events. Meanwhile, these are all red flags for Santos Escobar and company. The latter recently recruited Elektra Lopez, thus invoking an even playing field to combat LWO’s Zelina Vega.

The feud between the LWO and its spin-off, the Legado Del Fantasma, has been going on for months now. One would imagine what’s the way out of it. With Rey Mysterio’s triumphant comeback, he’s certain to doom his proverbial perpetrator, Santos Escobar. The former allies-turned-enemies have a score to settle. It remains to be seen if they both battle it out one-on-one in the foreseeable future or not.

Did WWE delay Rey Mysterio’s return?

Everyone knows how Rey Mysterio was written off television. A callous backstabbing drove the Hall of Famer out of the picture, and it took nearly 90 days for him to come back.

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (via X)

However, the real reason why Rey was sidelined is different. Back then, he tore his meniscus in the right knee and had to nurse it. The injury would’ve kept him out of action for 6–8 weeks. It looks like his return was held back, as Mysterio previously proclaimed that he was hoping to get back by the Royal Rumble.

But better late than never. The 49-year-old is back in the fray with just over a month to go for WrestleMania XL. It would be interesting to see what role he assumes at The Showcase of the Immortals.

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