Rhea Ripley calls Becky Lynch’s hard-fought win on Raw an “excuse” leading to their match at WrestleMania 

Mami chose to drop some gospel on Becky Lynch last night.

Rhea Ripley calls Becky Lynch’s hard-fought win on Raw an “excuse” leading to their match at WrestleMania 

Rhea Ripley laughing at Becky Lynch on Raw [via- WWE]

Moments after Becky Lynch grounded Liv Morgan on Raw last night, Rhea Ripley came out. Before she could head into the ring, a dejected Morgan told Ripley that everything she loved would be hers. And then, Mami proceeded to congratulate Becky. The Women’s World Champion raised red flags over Lynch’s off-the-track attitude towards their match at WrestleMania 40.

Rhea repudiated her challenger for unnecessarily bumping her body week in and week out. And that’s when Big Time Becks should solely focus on what lies ahead of her in Philadelphia, implied The Eradicator. Ripley underscored how Becky glorified that she’s taking the hard route in order to prove herself to the fans that she’s the best.

However, as Rhea said, The Man’s engaging herself in these pointless battles to garner an excuse as to why she’d lose at The Showcase of the Immortals. The crowd was firmly behind the Aussie grappler, despite Lynch acting as the babyface. The latter then came up with a resounding reply. The Irish Lass Kicker told Rhea Ripley that the seed of doubt she planted prior to the Royal Rumble has grown into a tree.

The branches of that tree have the entire world wrapped around themselves. The Irishwoman affirmed that she’s good when people bet on her. However, Becky Lynch‘s great when they root against her. And that’s how the segment came to a close.

Later on in the night, Becky met Liv backstage. The two women shook hands. But they got steamrolled by an ever-obsessed Nia Jax, who still believes she should’ve been in Becky’s spot at WrestleMania. As a result, The Man later challenged The Irresistible Force for a Last Woman Standing match on next week’s Raw.

Rhea Ripley has her sights set on Andrade as well

Mami just never stops the grind. She, along with her Judgment Day buddies, met Andrade backstage. Damian Priest wondered why he was there, but Rhea Ripley said she asked the former NXT Champion to stop by.

The Judgment Day and Andrade
The Judgment Day and Andrade [via- Fightful Wrestling on X]

The Women’s World Champion told Andrade how Dominik Mysterio has spoken extremely highly of him. Rhea then affirmed that once Dom comes back into the fold, The Judgment Day would want to talk some business with one of Raw’s newest acquisitions.

Andrade agreed and said he was open whenever Rhea and company comes up with something. This story has been brewing for weeks now. Andrade’s been on Mysterio’s radar ever since he signed an exclusive Raw contract.

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