WATCH: Rhea Ripley stunned after a young kid flexes his strength to impress Mami

Rhea Ripley was stunned by the young fan who tried to impress her by picking up a chair.

WATCH: Rhea Ripley stunned after a young kid flexes his strength to impress Mami

Rhea Ripley with a young fan (via X)

The current Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley, is one of the biggest stars the company has right now. Although she has a heel persona, people love her for her charisma and her in-ring skills. Her fanbase has been expanding at an unfathomable pace. Recently, a young fan did a wild thing to impress The Eradicator.


When Rhea Ripley visited India for the Superstar Spectacle event in September, she was a part of a fans’ meet-and-greet session. A young fan came to meet her and tried to show his strength by picking up a chair all by himself, impressing Mami in the process. This was a very wholesome moment and the video has been making the rounds on the internet.

WWE India shared a tweet on Children’s Day with the caption, “The future is strong. Happy children’s Day.” Despite being a very rude and arrogant character in the ring, Rhea Ripley is a very kind-hearted person outside the ring. In the video, she played along with the young fan to keep him happy. The 27-year-old has many fans all across the world.

Rhea Ripley competed against Natalya at the Superstar Spectacle to retain the Women’s World Championship. She is currently involved in a rivalry with Zoey Stark and will defend her championship at the Survivor Series. It will be interesting to see how the storyline builds up in the coming weeks.


Rhea Ripley gave a hilarious reaction after the NXT star lost his title

Chase U members Andre Chase and Duke Hudson recently became the NXT Tag Team Champions. However, they controversially lost their title on the latest episode of NXT. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson defended their titles against Tony D’Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo.

Rhea Ripley and Duke Hudson
Rhea Ripley and Duke Hudson (via WWE)

They looked in good touch until they were distracted by some of the Chase U students. This little distraction was enough for The Family, as they capitalized on the opportunity and picked up the win to become the new champions. Rhea Ripley has reacted to the loss of the Chase U member.

The 27-year-old shared a hilarious picture of Duke Hudson and mocked his loss in her heelish way, saying, “Once a loser, always a loser.” Ripley and Duke are good friends in real life, as both are from Australia. They even had multiple training sessions together. Fans understood it was only friendly banter from Mami’s side.

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