“He fell off and died,” Former Intercontinental Champion makes controversial remarks about Bray Wyatt’s death, says being a pro wrestler played major role

Ryback stated that the pro wrestling industry played a major role in the sudden demise of Bray Wyatt.

“He fell off and died,” Former Intercontinental Champion makes controversial remarks about Bray Wyatt’s death, says being a pro wrestler played major role

Ryback reacts to Bray Wyatt's demise (via WWE)

Bray Wyatt left the wrestling world at the young age of 36 due to a sudden heart attack. The tragic demise is still mourned by the WWE Universe and superstars around the world. Recently, former WWE Superstar Ryback expressed his own opinion on the death of the third-generation wrestler. He claimed that the professional wrestling business led to his shocking loss.

During an episode of his online stream, The Ryback Show, the former WWE superstar made a controversial statement. “That’s why you see guys that die. Bray just died. He fell off and died. It’s what happened,” he started off by saying. Moreover, the 41-year-old believed it was crazy how often such similar tragedies are happening right now. However, he didn’t stop there.


“If he wasn’t in wrestling, he wouldn’t have died at 36 years old. The wrestling life does that,” Ryback further mentioned. Clearly, he believes Bray Wyatt’s sudden death was due to the burden of his pro wrestling career. Obviously, the former Intercontinental Champion is notoriously known for his divisive opinions online.

Ryback often remains in the headlines due to his controversial remarks. His comments on Bray Wyatt’s demise has once again stirred controversy. Previously, the Big Guy’s former co-workers have revealed how unsafe and difficult it was to work alongside him. Similarly, his backstage attitude with his own peers was criticized as well.

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Ryback comments on CM Punk’s exit from AEW

CM Punk and Ryback
CM Punk and Ryback (via Bleacher Report)

CM Punk was fired from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) this past weekend. Tony Khan, the company’s president, claimed that his actions left him with no other choice but to terminate his contract. Previously, reports mentioned that Punk got into a backstage scuffle with Jack Perry that involved him lunging at his own boss. Surprisingly, Ryback addressed the situation on his live stream, The Ryback Show.

The 41-year-old revealed he had witnessed the Second City Saint bully guys before. Furthermore, he expressed his disappointment with CM Punk for not learning to control himself despite his age. “I know he has the ability to alter things and word things in a way to make himself sound like a victim. He’s very vindictive when he gets on a mood, then he will try to ruin someone if he gets in a specific mood,” claimed Ryback.

Moreover, he termed the former WWE Champion a “manipulative” person backstage. According to him, Punk used his power to bully wrestlers in the locker room who could “kick his a**”. It was rumored that the self-proclaimed “Best In The World” will soon release a response from his own side that has the potential to be explosive.


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