Saraya shockingly claims that Triple H never received prior notice about her WWE release

Saraya has made a shocking revelation that Triple H wasn't aware of his final days in WWE.

Saraya shockingly claims that Triple H never received prior notice about her WWE release

Saraya claims Triple H wasn't told about her WWE release (via- Comicbook and USA Network)

Saraya, better known as Paige to WWE fans, left the company on July 7 last year. It was indeed an emotional phase of her career. However, she’d be proud of herself on this day for being an active wrestler, contrary to what she was doing in WWE. Many fans thought that Triple H should’ve prevented her from leaving the company. But Saraya has provided a major twist to the story.

The Cerebral Assassin wasn’t even aware of her situation. The call was made by Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis to not renew Saraya’s WWE contract. Also, she was fine with it. The events took place just before Triple H assumed WWE’s creative charge. As disclosed by the Anti-Diva herself via Inside the Ropes, no one felt the need to inform him about Paige’s contract situation. 


That being said, once she exiled the company, Hunter rang her up. He inquired whether the British wrestler actually wanted to leave. Disclosing the backstage happenings that led to her release, Saraya informed the WWE CCO that the higher-ups weren’t ready to do anything with her as a performer. Moreover, her release came from the reps’ side. After listening to her story, Triple H assured her that the door would always remain open for her if she considered returning.

During the aforementioned interview, the former Divas Champion didn’t rebuff any entity. She left WWE on good terms and holds no grudge against anyone. Her relationship with Triple H wasn’t always great. Back in the day, The Game unleashed an irresponsible vulgar slur on the Diva of Tomorrow. Later on, Hunter had to publicly apologize to Saraya for making such a disgraceful remark. However, at present, they have healthy mutual respect for each other. 

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Saraya is currently thriving in All Elite Wrestling

Saraya, Tony Storm and Ruby Soho
Saraya, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho are known as The Outcasts in AEW (via- Wrestling Inc)

The former Divas Champion joined AEW in September 2022. She got to make her in-ring return against Britt Baker at Full Gear pay-per-view. In her first official match in over 5 years, the Raven-Haired Lady outclassed Baker via pinfall. At present, she leads the villainous trio alongside Toni Storm and Ruby Soho, collectively known as The Outcasts. 

These women are unlocking new levels of insanity every week. While they continue to annoy and entertain some, this role is perfectly suited for the former Paige. She’s openly admitted that she can no longer adhere to physical matches. Her neck is quite vulnerable, and she can’t afford to torment it on a weekly basis. 

Being in a faction automatically enables her to wrestle at her own will. By doing that, she can keep herself safe and healthy for a long time. So far, Saraya hasn’t won any major titles in the Jacksonville-based promotion. Fans would love to see that change soon. 


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