“…..Never Talk To Me Again” Shawn Michaels reflects on his Apparent HEAT with The Rock

“…..Never Talk To Me Again” Shawn Michaels reflects on his Apparent HEAT with The Rock

According to various reports Shawn Michaels and The Rock have had their issues in the past. (Image Credits - Dailymotion Thumbnail)

Shawn Michaels has had issues with many superstars during the inception of his career. And one superstar with whom his heat is talked about is The Rock. Reports say that Michaels had a considerable heat with each other with Bret Hart even mentioning it in his autobiography and writing that both hate each other.

Some superstars like Ahmed Johnson have gone on-record to mention that Michaels even tried to hold back The Rock’s career and prevented him from winning the world championship. Theories also have said that issues between the two started when The Heartbreak Kid disrespected The Rock’s grandmother.


Well, a lot has been written and said but this time the man himself, Mr. WrestleMania Shawn Michaels shed a light on the apparent heat between him and The Rock and said it wasn’t as bad as people made it. Michaels recently appeared on The IMPAULSIVE podcast and said that though he has never worked a singles match with The Bhrama Bull but every meeting of theirs has been “okay”.

While talking about his relationship with The Rock Michaels said- “I’ve never worked with him. I work with — you know, his daughter(Ava Raine)is here [in NXT], you know what I mean? So look, the times I’ve seen him, we’ve always gotten along okay. I’ll say this, that was never — I don’t think it was as bad as everyone made it out to be.

He further said that since his return in 2002 he tried to mend things with everyone he thought he had a fallout with. He said that he was Sorry for the things he had done in the past and that’s the most he could do.


Sorry about the way I was. And I got no excuse but I’m willing to earn back whatever. And look, if you never talk to me again, I’m cool with that too.’” The Heartbreak Kid said about the amends he tried to make in 2002.

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Shawn Michaels appeared on the latest Edition of IMPAULSIVE with Logan Paul

Shawn Michaels and The Rock
Both Shawn Michaels and The Rock have since amended their relationship after an alleged fallout in 90s. (Image Credits – WhatCulture Wrestling)

Michaels became the recent guest on Logan Paul’s popular podcast IMPAULSIVE, which has already featured the likes of Roman Reigns and Triple H in the past. Shawn Michaels talked about a variety of topics ranging from his first match in the company to bouncing back through his hard times.


During the course of the podcast Micheals revealed that sometimes he thinks if he could go back in time to mend everything but the next moment he thinks that all these circumstances helped him to bounce back even stronger in life and never repeat the same mistakes in his life.

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