Sonya Deville reacts for the first time after getting married to long-time partner Toni Cassano

Sonya Deville is currently sidelined from WWE programming due to an ACL injury.

Sonya Deville reacts for the first time after getting married to long-time partner Toni Cassano

Sonya Deville and Toni Cassano (via X/ @CrispyWrestling and @The_Weidmanator)

Sonya Deville has been an exceptional heel, both as a wrestler and as an authority figure. Outside of the world of WWE, Deville has lived a simplistic life. Recently, she took to X to announce her marriage to long-time partner Toni Cassano. Toni is a model, and they had been dating for a while before exchanging vows to tie the knot.

The couple had been together for quite some time and got engaged last year. The wrestling world is in awe of the marriage of Deville. They have showered their blessings and wished the couple a good life ahead. The 30-year-old had been seen with many partners on social media until her marriage.


According to the Times Now news, the couple has two daughters. The mixed martial artist’s last appearance in WWE was in July, when she teamed with Chelsea Green to secure the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Two weeks later, WWE had to sideline her following an ACL injury. With her successful marriage, anticipation builds for the newlywed’s imminent return to WWE programming.

Mrs. & Mrs. B. 🖤
Sonya Deville on X

Delving into the remarkable career trajectory of Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville was depicted as a formidable force to reckon with when she arrived on the main roster. Teaming with Mandy Rose in a duo dubbed “Fire and Desire,” she made her mark in the women’s division. Throughout her initial run, Deville actively participated in marquee matches, such as the five-on-five elimination match at Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble match, consistently asserting her presence.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce (via Wrestling Inc.)

Deville got the Bumpy Award for Best Dressed of the Half-Year (2021), sharing the honor with Seth Rollins. Following her return from hiatus, she assumed the role of an authority figure alongside Adam Pearce on SmackDown, later extending her presence to Raw. Daddy Deville garnered praise for portraying a stern yet effective authority figure throughout her tenure.


Having found the love of her life, Deville’s fans eagerly anticipate her return to the ring. With Chelsea Green partnering with Piper Niven, speculation abounds regarding Deville’s future direction upon her return.

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