Stephanie McMahon shocks the world and resigns as the co-CEO of WWE; Vince McMahon gets a new role

Vince McMahon's return to WWE has already shocked the WWE Universe. The co-CEO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon has now signed her resignation as well.

Stephanie McMahon shocks the world and resigns as the co-CEO of WWE; Vince McMahon gets a new role

Stephanie McMahon in WWE

WWE has been giving shockers to fans for a long time now. Starting with Vince McMahon’s retirement back in August 2022, the company has kept fans engaged with some news or the other which can change the direction of the pro-wrestling industry. Apart from being keeping fans engaged, the shocking moves have been topsy-turvy for the company as well.

Recently, rumors surfaced the internet that Vince McMahon wanted to make his return to WWE and that too for selling the company. This was followed by the former Chairman making his official return as a part of the Board of Directors. McMahon’s arrival brought some updates which claimed that WWE could be sold in 2023 itself.


A few hours ago, a new update has shocking the wrestling fraternity. Stephanie McMahon was made the Co-CEO and Chairwomen of WWE after Vince McMahon’s resignation back in August. Now, Stephanie has officially resigned as the co-CEO of the company and has resumed her leave of absence with immediate effect. This has also added Vince McMahon as the Executive Chairman of the company.

“WWE today announced that its Board of Directors unanimously elected Vince McMahon Executive Chairman of the Board. Stephanie McMahon has resigned from her roles as Chairwoman and Co-CEO. Nick Khan will serve as WWE CEO.”


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Will Stephanie McMahon’s resignation affect WWE’s sale plans?

Vince McMahon has stepped down as the Chairman of WWE after controversy breaks out, Stephanie McMahon announced as interim Chairwoman
Vince McMahon with his daughter Stephanie McMahon (Image Credits: WWE)

Stephanie McMahon’s resignation has already brought numerous changes to WWE. Nick Khan, who was serving as the co-CEO of WWE, will now be the CEO of the company. Apart from that, Vince McMahon’s return initially found him a position as a Director. However, the former Chairman will serve as the Executive Chairman of WWE.

While Triple H’s position remains the same, changes are expected with his role as well. WWE will now go an extra mile to make their already stacked year more exciting. With numerous returns rumored and some huge matches plannes, the company’s direction may change if needed to get their product exciting.


However, this doesn’t seem to change Vince McMahon’s plans to sell WWE. With a lot of rumors of the new Executive Chairman already making moves to plan the company’s sell, things may not go the other way anytime soon. Vince McMahon’s new role may fasten the selling process and decisions may be added soon.

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