“It was not a Blow-Up,” WWE Hall of Famer clears out air regarding his confrontation with Steve Austin 

“It was not a Blow-Up,” WWE Hall of Famer clears out air regarding his confrontation with Steve Austin 

Stone Cold Steve Austin (Image Credits-WWE/The Sportster)

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s heat with Jeff Jarrett has been widely discussed in the public domain. The tensions increased when Austin refused to do a programme with Jarrett and the latter had left the company after some time. During all this heat between the two, there were reports flying in that Road Dogg had gone backstage to confront Austin over Jarrett’s departure from the company.

The confrontation was recently mentioned on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio and reacting to the report Road Dogg who is the current Vice President of WWE live events, cleared out the situation and told what had exactly happened between the two. Dogg said that it was just a conversation between the two and not a confrontation as such. 


While speaking on his Oh! You Didn’t Know podcast, Dogg said- “It was a conversation, it was not a ‘blow-up’ I went and found him, and people saw that and people talked and all of a sudden it turns into something. Really, it had nothing to do with Jeff Jarrett leaving. ” He further said that he discussed how the animosity between Austin and Jarrett might have destroyed a good opportunity. 

Dogg termed the opportunity as the perfect rehab program for Austin as he had just returned to action from a knee surgery. If further said that while the program between the two might not have been the hottest one, it could have surely helped Steve Austin to get back in the flow. Road Dogg said that this is all what he talked about with Steve Austin that day and it had nothing to do with Jeff Jarrett leaving the company. 

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Steve Austin is being rumored to show up at WrestleMania 39

Broken Skull Sessions Steve Austin
Steve Austin and Jeff Jarrett on Austin’s podcast Broken Skull Sessions. (Image Credits- WWE)

WWE, under its new regime, is looking to make the coming Mania as their biggest one yet as they look out to include their all-time greats in the programming. While the likes of The Rock, John Cena, and many more have been rumored to show up at the Showcase of the Immortals, Steve Austin’s name is also being discussed. 

Austin had also appeared at WrestleMania 38 in a surprising fashion, answering Kevin Owens’ challenge and winning the match as well. Thus, reports suggest that he can once again make an appearance at the Mania as different names are already being discussed for his match. At one point of time, WWE was also interested in a CM Punk vs Steve Austin showdown but in the present scenario, this looks unlikely to happen. 

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As far as the heat between Jeff Jarrett and Steve Austin is considered, the two met at an episode of Steve Austin’s podcast Broken Skull Sessions and reconciled with each other. Both had admitted that there was no such heat between the two, and the stories on the Internet made it much bigger than it actually was.

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