The Judgment Day breaks an official stipulation to rob 51-year-old Superstar of a spot in their group

Even after a hard-fought victory on Raw, R-Truth may not be allowed to join The Judgment Day.

The Judgment Day breaks an official stipulation to rob 51-year-old Superstar of a spot in their group

The Judgment Day backstage on Raw [via- TNT Sports on X]

This week’s Raw kicked off with a massive upset. In an entertaining Miracle on 34th Street Fight, R-Truth took out JD McDonagh. Not only did the 51-year-old down The Irish Ace, he also kicked out McDonagh from The Judgment Day in the process. Despite agreeing to let R-Truth have a spot in their group had he beaten JD, which he did, the villainous stable ate on their own words and snubbed the triumphant superstar.


Just before heading out for their tag title defense, Finn Balor and Damian Priest were with the rest of The Judgment Day. While everyone mocked JD McDonagh for losing to someone like R-Truth, The Irish Ace pleaded with Damian to bestow a second chance on him. After the intervention of Rhea Ripley, Priest decided to let McDonagh stay with them. It took a while for Finn Balor’s former disciple to take a sigh of relief.

Now that The Judgment Day has conspicuously breached a stipulation to expel JD McDonagh from the fray, what does that mean for R-Truth? By the looks of it, WWE is high on continuing the ongoing saga between Truth and the group that owned 2023. The fans have had a great time witnessing R-Truth’s inclusion in such a capacity.

Initially, it appeared as if Truth wouldn’t hang in with The Judgment Day for long; however, that stance might’ve been changed following a gargantuan reception from the WWE Universe. It would be very interesting to see how R-Truth works his way back to The Judgment Day. He earned himself a spot, yet he’d feel he missed the boat.


The Judgment Day retained their titles on this week’s Raw

It was one hell of a night for The Judgment Day on Raw. Apart from bearing a happy-go-lucky personality like that of R-Truth, they had a big task awaiting them in the main event. Having said that, Finn Balor and Damian Priest defended their Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles against The Creed Brothers.

The Judgment Day retained on Raw
The Judgment Day retained on Raw [via- TNT Sports on X]

The match didn’t pick up steam right from the get-go. It took a while for both teams to start getting reactions from a jam-packed house in Des Moines. However, once the teams got settled, they dished out some immaculate combination maneuvers.

Finn Balor barely escaped the Brutus Ball, thanks to Damian Priest’s interception. The ending seemed a bit off, as Priest pinned Julius Creed following a South of Heaven Chokeslam. The replay, however, showed that one of Creed’s shoulders was up, but the referee, Chad Patton, couldn’t locate it. As a result, The Creeds lost the match.

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