WATCH: The Undertaker jumps in to fend off a shark to save Michelle McCool while holidaying at a beach

Michelle McCool certainly wasn't expecting a shark to disturb her reading session at a beach. She had to bring her legendary husband into the mix to save the day.

WATCH: The Undertaker jumps in to fend off a shark to save Michelle McCool while holidaying at a beach

The Undertaker protected her wife Michelle McCool from a nurse shark recently (via- Twitter)

Somewhere around the globe, The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are currently spending some quality time together. They’re set across a beach from where the couple has been regularly posting on social media. Recently, Michelle encountered a scary incident that she revealed on Twitter. She tweeted and said that she was reading a book when her attention was diverted after she located a shark in her vicinity.


She panicked and texted her husband to help her out. As an ideal better-half, The Deadman quickly reached the scene and stood around the sea creature. Soon enough, the shark went away without causing any inconvenience to the Hall of Fame couple. Later, it was discovered that it was nothing more than a Nurse Shark. Usually, they’re quiet and unaggressive in nature and don’t cause harm to humans.

As soon as Michelle McCool posted some clips, they made headlines in no time. Fans were quick to offer their two-cents on the matter. Some were gunning for Taker to pull out of retirement and face that shark at WrestleMania 40. Well, that was the most creative comment out there. It was quite the experience for McCool and her legendary husband. They would’ve not expected a shark to come meet them.

The couple has been married since 2010. They share an irreplaceable bond with each other and seem like a match made in heaven. Michelle has been there for The Undertaker whenever he needed her the most. Back when The Phenom used to wrestle, McCool was always there for him backstage.


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The Undertaker wanted to be at WrestleMania 39

The Undertaker
The Undertaker last appeared at WWE Raw Is XXX (via- TJR Wrestling)

Even though he’s retired, The Undertaker is signed to WWE under a long-term contract. He takes care of his “1 deadMAN show.” In a nutshell, The Reaper would always be associated with the company in one form or another. With his last match in 2020 against AJ Styles, it’s still there in Taker’s heart. He has had a career spanning over 3 decades in this business.

During an interview with The Independent, the WWE legend felt like he needed to perform at WrestleMania 39. Taker watched the entire show from a luxurious suite with his family and friends. However, as he watched the unmatched pandemonium across the stadium, the adrenaline started to pump through his veins.

He said he should’ve been down there in the ring instead of enjoying the hospitality. For real, the SoFi stadium would’ve popped big if Taker’s theme song had been played. Nevertheless, the 58-year-old can always show up on WWE television. No one can defy the Phenom, not Triple H and certainly not Vince McMahon.


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