“Cuz I’m a black man,” 33-year-old Superstar squashes stories about facing heat in WWE for standing up for B-Fab 

WWE superstar Top Dolla debunks rumors that have been going around and sheds light on the criticism that he receives.

“Cuz I’m a black man,” 33-year-old Superstar squashes stories about facing heat in WWE for standing up for B-Fab 

B-Fab (via Instagram)

WWE superstar and member of the popular faction Hit Row, Top Dolla, has been accused of being “difficult to work with” by multiple wrestling media and dirt sheets. The 33-year-old superstar was rumored to have caught heat in the company after stablemate B-Fab was released from the WWE. Top Dolla recently debunked all rumors and provided clarification.

Hit Row was released from the company only to be recruited back by WWE CCO Triple H in August 2022 after the retirement of Vince McMahon. After the faction made its exciting return, they quickly tried to make an impact on the SmackDown roster by defeating Brendon Scott and Trevor Irvin.


Top Dolla recently took to X to write about the criticism he receives. He wrote that the wrestling media accuses him only because he stood up for B-Fab. Expressing his sadness, he said people even believe the fake rumors only because he is a black man. However, Dolla also said that his co-workers have never said that to him, and they are aware of his real nature.

“I’ve been labeled “difficult to work with” by wrestling media and dirt sheets for standing up for B Fab… And it’s only accepted as truth cuz I’m a black man… nobody who has ever actually worked with me feels this way but people who have never even met me propagate this myth,” the 33-year-old superstar wrote.

It’s a shame that A. J. Francis, the real-life persona behind the camera, has been going through something that’s totally false. Not to mention, it’s downright awful. The WWE Universe can only hope that going forward, Top Dolla will receive more opportunities to wrestle and continue to prove those dirt sheets completely untrue.


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Was re-signing Top Dolla and the rest of Hit-Row a good decision?

A few years ago, WWE released a whole bunch of superstars from the company. From Braun Strowman to the late WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, many prominent names were included in the list. Some of those released superstars were re-signed to the company after Triple H took over the creative regime. The Game brought back most of the superstars, including Chelsea Green, Bray Wyatt and of course, Hit Row.

Top Dolla and Hit Row
The Hit Row (via WWE Universe)

The WWE Universe was excited for Hit Row as WWE never fully harnessed its potential. Unfortunately, the stable has failed to impress fans, since making its return over a year ago. Needless to say, the faction did not receive many opportunities even under Triple H’s regime.


They were inserted in poor storylines and random feuds on the main roster. As a result, this has got fans wondering what the point of even bringing back the stable is if the company does not have any plans for them. While some fans criticized Hit Row for lacking talent, others were against WWE for poorly booking them.

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