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WWE Survivor Series set to introduce an exciting concept for the first time ever under Triple H, huge plans officially revealed

WWE Creative Head Triple H is planning to make the debut of the Wargames match on the main roster at the next WWE event.

Triple H

Although Triple H has worked hard over the years in the ring and behind the scenes as well, it appears that since he took the position of WWE creative head, the Game has been bringing about many changes and even introducing many new things to WWE.


He has already begun to establish the mid-card title and has already started to prepare a fantastic weekend show. He planned the entire Clash at the Castle event, which was a huge success since it was a blast and there were many WWE fans in the entire stadium.

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Wargames is on the way to the main roster under Triple H starting Survivor Series this year

Wargames match

A lot of NXT fans will be surprised by HHH’s decision to move the Wargames bout to the main roster, it was recently revealed. The sixth time this match took occurred in WWE NXT last year, Triple H felt it had a lot of potential, and it now appears that it may soon be appearing on the main roster. 

According to a recent statement made by Brad Shepard, the wargames match is now being discussed backstage at the WWE and will soon make its main event debut. Most likely, the time of its debut will be the following WWE show Survivor Series where teams can compete.

Brad Shepard stated that “A source in #WWE told me Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque wants to bring War Games to the main roster for a show. One possibility discussed was Survivor Series”

The last time this match took place was between the Team NXT 2.0 led by Bron Breaker and the Team NXT veteran led by Tommaso Ciampa. The winner of the match was 2.0 as in the last moments of the match Bron Breakker shocked every single person when he pinned Tommaso to take the win.

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