WATCH: Extremely rare moment of unmasked Rey Mysterio jamming with his daughter in a wholesome clip

The 49-year-old vibes with his daughter in newly surfaced clip.

WATCH: Extremely rare moment of unmasked Rey Mysterio jamming with his daughter in a wholesome clip

Rey Mysterio [via- WWE and Puroresu Flow on X]

As a famed luchadore, donning his traditional mask is imperative to Rey Mysterio. However, a father’s love for his daughter knows no bounds. Having said that, the WWE Hall of Famer was featured in his daughter, Aalyah Gutierrez‘s, recent post on TikTok. Surprisingly, Rey sported a no-mask look while jamming alongside his younger child.

Not that long ago, Mysterio posed with his son Dominik, and he didn’t put on a mask back then either. It can be deduced from these instances that The Master of 619 likes to hang out with his kids as rawly as he can. Speaking of Rey’s diabolical son, the latter beefed with his father around springtime last year. Following months of unbridled turmoil, the two met inside the squared circle at WrestleMania 39.

Having previously bugged his dad too many times, “Dirty” Dom succumbed at The Grandest Stage of them all. And guess what? They seem pegged for yet another tussle at this year’s WrestleMania. Why so? For it, one needs to head back to last Friday’s SmackDown. As Rey Mysterio was teeing off with his protege-turned-rival, Santos Escobar, the WWE legend’s son appeared at ringside out of nowhere.

Initially, Dominik had a mask on, but he soon got rid of it. That did enough to cause a blip in his dad’s concentration, as Escobar scored a mammoth victory over the LWO supremo. The Judgment Day member then shook hands with Santos, as they couldn’t be any prouder of The Ultimate Underdog’s misery. The latter’s claim of wiping that stupid smile off Escobar’s face went in vain, thanks to Dominik Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio prepares for an all-out war at WrestleMania XL

A saga that stemmed from Carlito’s return to WWE is on the verge of culmination. After growing jealous of The Caribbean Cool’s LWO inclusion, Santos Escobar turned on his childhood hero.

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio and The LWO (via WWE)

That heinous ambush precluded WWE’s biggest little man from returning to in-ring competition until last week. However, with the mutual animosity between the Mysterio-led LWO and the Escobar-led LDF now at its zenith, things need to be settled once and for all.

By all accounts, there seems to be a multi-man tag team match brewing up. Countless weekly run-ins by these factions have provided the impetus for what potentially appears to be a clash for WrestleMania XL.

Dominik’s rechristened loathing for Rey has engendered an even playing field, with the two groups alike in numbers. However, at this point, it isn’t certain if Zelina Vega and Elektra Lopez will also join their respective squads.

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