WATCH: Dominik Mysterio explains why his interference to cost Rey Mysterio on SmackDown was justified

Dominik Mysterio feels right for what he did to his father on SmackDown.

WATCH: Dominik Mysterio explains why his interference to cost Rey Mysterio on SmackDown was justified

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio (via WWE)

WWE legend Rey Mysterio was on the receiving end of unjust on SmackDown this week. Even after having a special stipulation added to the match, the Legendary Luchador still got screwed in his battle against Santos Escobar. It all came down to Dominik Mysterio‘s involvement, which led to the latter picking up a huge victory.

The Judgment Day member justified his action by making obnoxious statements. He backed his devious doings as he said that ‘a win is a win’. In essence, he expressed his bad blood with his father and revealed that he has mutual feelings for Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar. The 26-year-old Superstar interfered in the match, which was a shocking sight to see for the fans on SmackDown.

The world knows how much hatred Dominik Mysterio has for his father. The father and son collided at WrestleMania last year. They went on to deliver a banger, and the Hall of Famer came out victorious. However, it feels like the animosity among the family has not settled down yet. Therefore, “Dirty” Dom did his all to take down his father on SmackDown.

Besides, Escobar has achieved a massive win on the road to WrestleMania. It was a grudge match on SmackDown, which made it even more personal for the two stars. It is going to get interesting from here on to see the aftermath of this intense battle from here on out. According to fan speculation and rumors, WWE might plan a rematch between the mentor and mentee on one of the nights at WrestleMania.

Santos Escobar sends a message for Dominik Mysterio after SmackDown

Santos Escobar might be the happiest man in the world after he defeated Rey Mysterio on SmackDown. Despite that, he didn’t hold himself back from acknowledging the fact that Dominik Mysterio helped him achieve this huge moment. After SmackDown, the Latino Superstar sent a message to The Judgment Day member.

Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio
Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio (via WWE)

Escobar took to X to appreciate the efforts of Dominik. He called it amazing timing for him to show up to help. In essence, he heaped heavy praise during the interview after SmackDown. Besides, he has given massive hints towards the formation of a potential alliance.

Impecable timing. #RollieBoys
Santos Escobar to Dominik Mysterio (via X)

Furthermore, fans have their sights set on the time after this week. Escobar and Rey have an incredible history together. Therefore, it is highly likely that fans might see a few more matches between the two in the future. It needs to be noted that Mysterio returned to WWE a few weeks ago. A loss at this point surely attracts a lot of eyeballs over the legend.

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