Major update on John Cena’s whereabouts during WrestleMania season this year

John Cena might run absent from WWE for the majority of their WrestleMania season. He's about to start his next filming venture in Australia this month.

Major update on John Cena’s whereabouts during WrestleMania season this year

John Cena during his appearance on June 27th WWE Raw (Image Credits: WWE)

With WWE’s biggest show of the year inching closer, fans were hoping to get John Cena in for a significant program. That might still be the case however, there’s a meagre chance that the Franchise Player will play any role to build his rumored feud. That being said, he’ll be filming with Zack Efron for the majority of February and March. And there’s no chance he’s going to fly from Melbourne to US every week.

The report has been broken by Variety. As stated above, the Peacemaker star is about to start his next shoot for the movie named Ricky Stanicky. As known, these Hollywood projects contain some non-negotiable clauses which can prevent John Cena to take part in miscellaneous activities. Nonetheless, hopefully the shoot will be completed before April, just in time for WrestleMania 39.

As far as his opponent goes, there was a lot of smoke and mirrors, few week ago. But, the latest scenario seems like a perfect case for Austin Theory to finally get that long-awaited bout against The Cenation Leader. Also, the current United States Champion has been dropping a lot of subtle teases having links with Cena. For weeks now, Theory has put emphasis on opening his lines from the iconic catchphrase, “The Champ is here”.

In addition, this week on Raw, The Now dropped words like “Ruthless” and “Aggression” during his promo. Obviously those lie pretty close to Cena’s heart. Having this clash of two generations was always the plan, when Vince McMahon was in-charge. It seems like going off track for a period to scout an alternative for Cena has gone in vain.

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Who was John Cena’s previously reported opponent for WrestleMania 39?

Logan Paul and John Cena
Logan Paul and John Cena

WWE strongly had Logan Paul as a better option for John Cena this year. Having such a ginormous stardom involved, it would’ve been a serious mainstream draw, if happened. However, those plans are most probably off the cards now. Also, Logan seems to have been assigned a much different name to work with in Los Angeles.

After The Maverick eliminated Seth Rollins from the Men’s Royal Rumble, something was teased between them. Things received a permanent stamp this week on Raw. During a backstage segment, Rollins was laughing around until he got asked about Logan Paul.

That smile wiped off immediately from his face and he walked away without issuing any comment. It just can’t get more clear than this. WWE is definitely going to have Rollins vs. Paul as one of the major attractions on the Mania card. As for Cena, he may directly show up in Los Angeles the day of WrestleMania, accepting Austin Theory’s supposed open challenge.

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