US Channel to air Documentary on Vince McMahon from the next month

Vince McMahon had stepped down from all his positions in July amid allegations of paying hush money to former employees against him.

Vince McMahon Documentary
Vince McMahon speaking at a WWE event. (Image Credits - Imago)

Vince McMahon, is one of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling. The man himself built WWE by scratch and not only built a brand but an emotion that has become a global juggernaut.

McMahon’s focus on combining sports and entertainment to create a different league of sports entertainment, is something that cannot be denied. But, with success, McMahon has always been surrounded by controversies throughout his career.

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VICE TV to soon air a documentary on the life of Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Documentary
The Documentary will feature Vince’s complete journey right from his career to his retirement.(Image Credits -Imago)

Whether it be the involvement of steroids or the latest allegations of paying hush money to employees, Vince’s life can be easily translated into a documentary.

Netflix had announced that it was working on a project related to Vince McMahon but it had come to halt after the discovery of recent allegations. There was an update earlier this month, that Netflix might be resuming the documentary but it seems like the work is yet in the pipeline phase.

But, the bright side is that Vince’s documentary is coming out, and it’s coming out sooner than you’re expecting. But it’s not from Netflix, but it’s VICE TV who is producing the documentary on the life of Vince McMahon.

According to an exclusive report by PWInsider , multiple sources have confirmed the production of the documentary. Confirming the news the report on said- “The documentary will cover McMahon’s career, including his retirement/resignation from WWE in the wake of the articles published by The Wall Street Journal.”

Thus, it’s clear that the documentary will be covering everything, right from him taking over the company to him recently stepping down from his position back in July 2022. The United States based channel runs docu-style programmes and is quite popular for them.

Vince McMahon had announced his retirement from the company in July, 2022 via Twitter after allegations of paying hush money to employees for maintaining silence on sexual misconduct occurred in the company.

According to PWInsider the documentary will air from October itself and the audience will be able to get a new perspective into the life of wrestling’s one of the biggest leaders who led from the front.

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