“Give me a F***KING Call Back” Chris Jericho reveals his last conversation with Vince McMahon before leaving WWE

Jericho had left WWE in 2018 and joined AEW, which remains the top rival for the company till date.

Chris Jericho is one of the WWE Veterans when it comes to being loyal to the company. Jericho worked for the company for around 20 years of his wrestling career. He debuted for the company in 1999, and with a few breaks in between continued to wrestle for the company until 2018, when he decided to leave the company and join AEW.

Jericho’s move came as a shock to many as he was involved in a great feud with Kevin Owens and even had a match at WrestleMania 33. But, Jericho believes that despite being one of the best matches on the card it was only placed second, which made Jericho wonder if he was only a “second-match guy” for the company.

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Chris Jericho reveals his first meeting with Tony Khan and last conversation with Mr. McMahon

Chris Jericho Imago
Chris Jericho had left WWE in 2018, to join hands with the rival promotion AEW. (Image Credits: Imago)

Chris Jericho in the latest edition of the AEW Unrestricted podcast spoke about his last conversation with Vince McMahon before joining AEW. Before describing it, Jericho spoke about what made him leave the company. He explained that shortly before leaving the company, he was scheduled to face Kenny Omega in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Omega and Jericho both are billed from Winnipeg, Canada and Jericho even mentioned NJPW’s commentator Don Callis, who is from Winnipeg as well. So, Jericho felt that connection and wanted to perform there. But since he was still under a WWE Contract so he had to ask Vince.

He then said that when he talked about the idea with Vince, he gave it a nod and Jericho did the programme at NJPW. At this point, Jericho was convinced that he is never going to work anywhere else.”

However, Jericho’s short meeting with Tony Khan changed everything. Jericho revealed that during his first meeting with Tony Khan, who is the President of AEW, Khan was visibly shy and kept looking away from Jericho.

However, Jericho revealed that this was due to the fact that Khan had been a huge fan of him and it was a great deal for Khan to meet him in person. Chris Jericho then went on to say that Khan gave him an offer which he declined, but when he gave him another offer, he called Vince McMahon to ask whether he should take it or not.

Jericho explains further that Vince through his intermediaries said that he can take it. But, later on he would call Jericho and ask if he had taken the deal or not, to which Jericho replied that Of course he had taken it.

Vince then asked Jericho if “he could come out of it”, to which Jericho straightaway replied “No” as Vince had himself through his intermediaries had said a yes.

Jericho explained the whole situation on the podcast and said- “I don’t like when people don’t call me back, I’m not the god of wrestling but give me a f***ing call back. I’ve made a lot of money for you, and I was getting the ‘He’ll call you back at five, can he call you back at eight?’

Like no, I am super chill, but when it comes to something that perceives to be disrespectful, I will lock the door. I was like, I’m done, take the deal and whatever happens, happens, and I was 100% in.”

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