WATCH: Video of INTOXICATED Matt Riddle causing ruckus on airport surfaces online days after his WWE departure 

TMZ releases footage of Matt Riddle seemingly intoxicated during the alleged JFK airport incident.

WATCH: Video of INTOXICATED Matt Riddle causing ruckus on airport surfaces online days after his WWE departure 

Matt Riddle (via TMZ Sports)

WWE recently released Matt Riddle from his contract, along with many other superstars. According to sources, backstage officials fired him for “burning through many chances”. Moreover, many members of the WWE Universe believe that The Original Bro exacerbated the situation after the recent JFK Airport incident.

Matt Riddle accused the airport security of sexually assaulting him on September 9. As a result, authorities launched an investigation into the alleged incident a few days later. As a result, Riddle would end up missing the subsequent episodes of RAW. Recently, TMZ found and released the actual footage of what appeared to be an intoxicated Matt Riddle during the incident.

According to the report by TMZ, witnesses claimed that the former WWE star was “extremely loud and rude.” Due to a flight delay, the 37-year-old and his friends spent the time in a restaurant, enjoying drinks. Furthermore, he walked around and yelled, asking when the plane could take off, creating a commotion at the airport among all the passengers.

Matt Riddle was denied entry on the flight because of his state. Cops arrived on the scene and communicated the decision to him. Despite the former UFC star apologizing for his poor behavior, he went on to accuse airport officials of sexual assault in an Instagram post, now deleted.

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Matt Riddle reportedly garnered heat for going off-script on a promo

Matt Riddle’s off-screen issues were well-documented throughout his WWE stint. From drug issues to backstage heat, the Stamford-based promotion had a difficult time dealing with him. Recently, Dave Meltzer claimed that The Original Bro once seemingly gained heat from management for an off-script promo.

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle(via WrestleTalk)

According to Dave, Riddle went off-script during a segment addressing his tag team partner Randy Orton’s injury. WWE intended to write off The Viper from television from a different angle. Therefore, when the former UFC star revealed that Orton suffered a backstage injury without permission, backstage officials were quite furious.

“While praised for the promo going behind the scenes and being real, it was not what was scripted for him,” Meltzer added. Throughout his career, Matt Riddle found ways to frustrate wrestlers and personalities backstage. As a result, fans believe that his release was always a matter of “when?” rather than “if?”

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