Vince McMahon’s resignation may have opened doors for Stephanie McMahon’s WWE return: Reports

Stephanie McMahon has been away from WWE for quite some time.

Vince McMahon’s resignation may have opened doors for Stephanie McMahon’s WWE return: Reports

Vince and Stephanie McMahon (via Wrestling Headlines)

The Queen of Queens, Stephanie McMahon has played a major role in WWE over the years. It was the wrongdoings of Vince McMahon that left her embarrassed by her father’s acts. In 2023, Stephanie stepped down from her co-CEO duties and has not been involved in the company since. However, now that Vince is no longer a part of TKO and has no control over WWE, her return is highly possible.

According to PWInsider, the atmosphere is positive over Stephanie’s WWE return. Joining in as an authoritarian figure, the internal dynamics have changed. Endeavor’s ownership does not work in McMahon’s favor, so her fitting into the company is a hard nut to crack.

McMahon resigned from his Executive Chairman post at TKO because of the lawsuit filed against him. This act was done to prevent the defamation TKO could have undergone due to him. The accusations were from WWE’s ex-employee, Janel Grant, who put the sexual trafficking case on him. Vince has still, in his defense denied the allegations, stating Grant has made up the story for her benefit.

There are some in WWE hoping Vince McMahon’s resignation opens the door for Stephanie McMahon to return.
PWInsider’s statement about Stephanie McMahon’s return

Stephanie’s last TV appearance came in July 2022, as she made her return on SmackDown to address the WWE Universe for their support. It was in January 2023, that she resigned from the chairwoman and co-CEO position with Nick Khan, showing her displeasure for Vince’s return. She has not been seen since, but now might be the perfect time for her to return as her father is gone for good.

Slim Jim is back on board with WWE due to Vince McMahon’s resignation

WWE signed its most profitable sponsorship deal with Slim Jim last year. Having them on the board meant a truckload of bucks for the Stamford-based promotion. But the Vince McMahon scandal was something that defamed them and forced Slim Jim to put the deal on hold.

Vince McMahon and Slim Jim
Vince McMahon and Slim Jim (via SEScoops)

With his name attached to WWE, Slim Jim prioritized their integrity over benefits. Vince’s accusations made on Thursday made Slim Jim take away their hands from WWE. However, Vince’s resignation from TKO spread a wave of positivity, which played a key role in bringing back the American snack brand.

After the departure of Vince McMahon, and discussions with WWE TKO senior leadership, Slim Jim has decided to re-enter the Royal Rumble.
Slim Jim coming back to the board with WWE

Looking at the comment, it seems Slim Jim might have felt positive about McMahon’s departure and his complete cutting of ties with TKO. Moreover, the reported move to re-enter the Royal Rumble could have been prompted by the hype that has so far built around the event.

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