WATCH: 29-year-old WWE Superstar breaks down revealing suffering a back injury, gets ruled out of major title match 

WWE Universe display sympathy for the former NXT North American Champion, Wes Lee, after he divulged the news of his injury.

WATCH: 29-year-old WWE Superstar breaks down revealing suffering a back injury, gets ruled out of major title match 

NXT Superstar (via Bodyslam)

This week’s NXT saw a lot of action and heart-touching segments. Fans saw Wes Lee grieve over his injury and how he won’t be able to compete for the North American Championship at NXT Deadline. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he confessed his pain in front of all the fans.

Lee expressed his heartfelt disappointment at his inability to compete because of the injury. He further disregarded any sympathy, as it wouldn’t help him heal any faster.

That support won't help right now. It would not bring back feeling to my leg. It won't eliminate the excruciating pain that I am in just now standing in the ring and talking to you all right now. It's gonna take surgery and time. And I'm unsure when you'll see me again. I will further return to submit my legacy as one of the best to ever do it.
Wes Lee on NXT talking about his injury

Fans were further informed that his injury wasn’t minor. It would need surgery to heal, which could rule him out for months. While fans were being sympathetic, the former North American Champion made sure that not another tear rolled down. He made a declaration to return just like he earlier rose from the ashes.

Lee intends to submit his legacy as one of the greatest to ever step into WWE. Fans acknowledge his motivation as they’ve seen his resolve and progress after MSK disbanded. It was on 22nd October 2022, that Lee captured the North American Championship against the likes of Carmelo Hayes, Von Wagner, Oro Mensah, and Nathan Fraser.

McKenzie Mitchell gives her support to a grieving Wes Lee

When fans saw Wes Lee tear up because of an injury on this week’s NXT, they all began to shower him with sympathy and support. It seems even his fellow workers are giving him much-needed emotional support. McKenzie Mitchell is the latest name on the list.


The former NXT backstage interviewer reacted to Wes Lee’s segment on NXT. She tagged the former North American Champion and wrote words reminiscent of the Chainsmokers song, Paris. Fans can check out the post below.

Wes Lee and McKenzie Mitchell
Wes Lee and McKenzie Mitchell (via WWE)

The 29-year-old star, despite encountering this obstacle has a bright future ahead. Meanwhile, Mckenzie recently delivered the sad news about how WWE fired her. Many stars, including Bayley, expressed their shock and disappointment at this news. Fans will remember McKenzie for her banter with the likes of Grayson Waller and many other superstars.

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