WATCH: Seth Rollins pampers a young fan during WWE Raw this week in a wholesome video

Following his segment and a brawl on Monday night Raw this week, Seth Rollins shared a heartfelt moment with a little WWE fan who was sitting in the front row after Raw went off-air.

WATCH: Seth Rollins pampers a young fan during WWE Raw this week in a wholesome video

Seth Rollins playing with a kid

Since his face turn back in 2016, Seth Rollins has become a fan favorite. When Seth made his return from injury at Extreme Rules 2016, he was still a heel, but fans wanted to see a face turn. However, there have been ups and downs in the relationship between Seth and the fans. In 2019, during Seth’s Universal title reign, fans grew tired and later turned on Rollins. Later, he won fans back, and now they sing along with his entrance music as well.

On a recent episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins shared an adorable moment with a cute little kid in the crowd. Rollins was leaving the arena following his match when Raw was off-air. However, a cute kid sitting in the front row caught Seth’s attention when he was greeting the fans.


Rollins asked the kid in a funny way why he was staying up all night. Rollins then began messing around with the adorable child and pampered him. It was a wholesome moment for the fans in attendance. This also shows Seth’s love and affection towards the children and fans.

In 2020, Rollins and his wife Becky Lynch were blessed with a baby girl. Seth and Becky named their daughter “Roux Lopez.” It looks like Rollins has grown fond of little kids, as can be seen in the viral video. You can watch the clip from Raw here.

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Seth Rollins squared off against Austin Theory after Raw went off-air

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins stomping Austin Theory(via-WWE)

This Saturday in Montreal, Seth “Freakin” Rollins will be competing in an Elimination Chamber match for the United States championship. Ahead of the chamber, Rollins snapped on MIZ TV after a heated exchange of words with The Miz on Raw. Seth and Miz got into a brawl until U.S. champion Austin Theory also got involved.

Rollins then hit a stomp on Miz inside the ring with his big boots. However, the brawl ended with Theory standing tall after hitting an ATD on Rollins. The story didn’t end, however, as The Visionary took on the U.S. champion in a street fight after Raw went off-air.

As reported by the fans in attendance on Raw, Seth made an entrance after Raw went off air and also shared a moment with his wife. In his match against Theory, Rollins put him through the table and secured victory with a stomp in a dark match.


Following the go-home Raw episode for the Elimination Chamber this Saturday, Rollins has much-needed momentum. Apart from Seth and the U.S. champion, Theory, four more men will be locked inside the steel structure. It would be interesting to see who walks out of the chamber as the champion.

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