WWE drops hints of massive split in top heel faction on Raw

On the recent episode of Raw, a backstage segment of Imperium had WWE fans speculating about a possible split in the villainous stable.

WWE drops hints of massive split in top heel faction on Raw

Imperium and The Judgment Day (via WrestleZone)

Ever since Triple H presided over the creative department, heel factions have become the focal point of weekly programming in WWE. From The Bloodline to The Judgment Day, heel factions dominate their respective brands. However, every association has a breaking point, where it all ends. Another major faction that is seemingly on the verge of implosion is Imperium.


On the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser locked antlers with Tommaso Ciampa in a singles match. DIY and Imperium have been at loggerheads for quite a few weeks now. Initially, it did appear as though Ciampa had the upper hand over Kaiser in the singles collision. But the latter managed to secure the win through a roll-up with some unintended assistance from Giovanni Vinci.

Giovanni Vinci was initially barred from the ringside owing to his incessant interference. The 33-year-old, however, came back to deliver a massive running boot to Johnny Gargano in order to cause distraction. Taking advantage of the situation, Kaiser swiftly went for a roll-up pin to grab the victory.

Later in a backstage segment, Gunther accredited Vinci for helping Kaiser win the match. However, the latter seemed visibly envious of the attention Vinci was receiving from The Ring General. His facial expression had the WWE Universe wondering whether it was an indication of an impending split of the villainous faction. Only time will tell what the company has in store for the Imperium with these recurring hints.


Recent report quashes the possibility of a potential split of the Imperium

The Imperium is one of the most dominant villainous factions in WWE at present. Imperium, however, is not a typical heel stable, which employs mind games and dirty tricks to establish its supremacy. Rather, the heel stable is known for its unique presentation and utmost respect to the squared circle. Gunther has invariably defended his Intercontinental title in a purely fair and square manner.

Giovanni Vinci, Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser
Giovanni Vinci, Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser (via WWE)

Moreover, there has been evidently increasing discord between the members of the villainous stable, especially Vinci and Kaiser, over the last few weeks. The growing tension between the two individuals had WWE fans wondering if WWE was laying the groundwork to separate the group. However, an early report from BWE via Ringside News suggests the opposite.

BWE, from their private X account, indicated that the company has no plans to split Imperium as of now. Nonetheless, even after it was told that there are no current plans to disintegrate the heel faction, WWE continues to drop hints of a potential breakup.

Just in the recent episode of Raw, Ludwig Kaiser was going green with envy upon witnessing Giovanni Vinci receive praise from The Ring General. Thus, there is a high possibility of a split down the line. As of today, Gunther continues his record-setting, historic reign as the Intercontinental Champion.


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