WWE planning big changes in their shows just days after Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s addition to Board of Directors of TKO 

WWE programming might receive new changes in the upcoming months.

WWE planning big changes in their shows just days after Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s addition to Board of Directors of TKO 

WWE may soon instill sports-centric element in shows (via WrestleTalk and NBC)

WWE has had quite an eventful start to 2024. After setting record profits and business last year, these past few days have shown promise for a bigger period for the company. Recently, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson joined the TKO Board of Directors, and Netflix acquired the rights to Raw. A new report has shed light on some more changes that may soon be instilled in the overall programming.


As per PWInsider, there were talks during this week’s Raw about adding more sports-based elements to their shows. The exact changes to the programming are not specified as of now. However, the WWE Universe speculates that tournaments and time limits in matches will be more frequent on television and shows. In addition, the win/loss records of the Superstars might have more prominence on screen.

The WWE-UFC merger under the Endeavor umbrella in September has had notable effects on the Stamford-based promotion’s structure. Kevin Dunn departed after a 30-year-long tenure, allegedly due to differences with the new regime. Moreover, Nick Khan and Triple H have welcomed the idea of embracing modern elements on the product. 

The on-screen storylines and overall programming have been riveting as well. In fact, this year’s Road to WrestleMania might be the most anticipated in years, perhaps since the Attitude Era. All in all, fans are excited to see how the upcoming months play out as a new era embarks upon the WWE.


Nick Khan hilariously comments on possibility of The Rock vs. Donald Trump

WWE President, Nick Khan, is possibly the company’s biggest acquisition in the past decade or so. The executive has worked effortlessly behind-the-scenes to keep the promotion’s business booming. After Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s addition to the TKO Board of Directors, the pair appeared on FOX Sports. Nick talked about the possibility of a match between The Brahma Bull and lifelong WWE fan, Donald Trump.

The Rock and Donald Trump
The Rock and Donald Trump (via WWE)

The President hilariously stated that it wouldn’t turn out great for the former US President if that were to happen. Meanwhile, The Rock claimed that it might be a good idea, implying that Trump would get a tremendous pop, which Khan agreed to.

Listen, Rock against Donald Trump, I don’t know how that will work out for Donald Trump in the ring.

Nick Khan on possibility of The Rock vs. Donald Trump (H/T: Ringside News)

When questioned about his political views, Nick Khan played it safe by pointing out that WWE sells out any state regardless of the ruling party. Needless to say, the general consensus backstage currently in the Stamford-based promotion is likely positive as the upcoming months prove to be filled with captivating storylines and television.

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