“It’s weird as fu*k” – WWE Universe stunned by Rhea Ripley’s SCANDALOUS auction as a piece of licked paper fetches $580

Fans go to unfathomable heights for Rhea Ripley as she does a bizarre act.

“It’s weird as fu*k” – WWE Universe stunned by Rhea Ripley’s SCANDALOUS auction as a piece of licked paper fetches $580

Rhea Ripley (via X)

The Eradicator Rhea Ripley is one of the most popular superstars in WWE. She has been ruling the women’s division for over a year now. Her persona is appealing to the fans, as they go to unfathomable heights to do anything. Recently, it was heard that a piece of paper licked by Mami was auctioned for $580.


It was on Xavier Woods‘ UpUpDownDown live video, where The Eradicator licked a piece of paper with “Mami is always on top” written over it. Along with that, Rhea Ripley also embodied her signature on the piece of paper. However, the main highlight of the paper is the spot where Ripley licked. It was revealed that the paper was auctioned off for $580.

Mami has a massive fan base, with her fans going wild for her. She has been pulling out some NSFW maneuvers to entertain her fans. As a result, the WWE Universe often sends thirsty tweets for Mami. However, it generated a lot of controversy for Mami, as some fans even criticized her for her actions.

Rhea Ripley is all set to defend her Women’s World Championship against Zoey Stark at the Survivor Series. She tried to pull out a fancy spot before her mega-match. It is going to be interesting to see how long Mami will keep on stunning her fans through her aura and her actions in professional wrestling.


WWE Universe shocked after Rhea Ripley licked piece of paper auctioned for $580

Rhea Ripley’s fans are c*rzy for her. She has been reaching the pinnacle of sports through her extraordinary personality, which is generating a lot of buzz among her fans. Some fans called this incident weird, while another fan called it a great deal for the buyer. Moreover, a fan even went on to state his wish to have a Rhea Ripley clone. Here are the top reactions of the fans on X.

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley (via Instagram)

Furthermore, a fan praised the buyer for securing such an incredible deal. Some people even hilariously trolled the length the fans go for Mami. In addition, some fans even criticized The Eradicator for her actions. Rhea Ripley has a unique personality in WWE. She has proven this from time to time, and this new incident adds another page to her story.

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