WWE Hall of Famer hand-picks Rhea Ripley as the best heel in wrestling in 2022

One of the most incredible things for WWE superstars is to nail their heel persona and get heat from the fans. Rhea Ripley is one such character who has recently nailed her role and received praise from WWE veteran Eric Bischoff.

WWE Hall of Famer hand-picks Rhea Ripley as the best heel in wrestling in 2022

Rhea Ripley (via WWE)

Rhea Ripley has been one of the most polarising characters on the main roster. Ever since joining The Judgment Day, her career has elevated tremendously. Besides, she has done extremely well with her heel persona on the main roster. Moreover, the Eradicator has engrossed the fans in her storyline on Monday Night Raw. WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff applauds Ripley and names her “The best heel in 2022.”


Without a shadow of doubt, Rhea Ripley has emerged as one of the most prominent stars in the female division. As a result, Eric Bischoff praised her performance on the roster. In an interview with WrestleBinge, he was asked about the best heel in 2022. To this, the WWE HOF’er said that he couldn’t think of anyone else except Rhea Ripley. “Because of how quickly she had emerged as a heel, I’m going to go with Rhea,” Bischoff said.

The WWE veteran said that Ripley came out of nowhere and left an impact on the women’s division in such a short span of time. Moreover, Bischoff believes she hasn’t reached her full potential yet. He said that The Nightmare has just started to give a preview of her charisma. However, the WWE Universe has seen what she’s capable of. Ripley has shown pure dominance on the main roster as a part of Judgment Day.

Furthermore, Eric Bischoff said that The Eradicator would grow and flourish and get better with time. The Hall of Famer also eulogized her for her promo work. In addition to that, Bischoff said that Ripley not only elevated her level but also uplifted Dominik Mysterio’s character on WWE television.


Without a doubt, “The Judgement Day” has accentuated Ripley’s career and helped her display her potential. As a result, the WWE Universe got to witness the evil persona of The Eradicator. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if Rhea Ripley can defeat Charlotte Flair and win the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 39.

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Rhea Ripley elevated Dominik Mysterio’s career

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio
Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio (via WWE)

Dominik Mysterio always lived on the roster under the name of his father, the legendary Rey Mysterio. However, The Clash at the Castle was the place where the WWE Universe saw Dominik come out of his father’s shadow. The modern-day Latino Heat has astounded the world with his character development since betraying his father and joining Judgment Day. Besides, WWE involved him in a storyline angle with his stablemate Rhea Ripley.

The Eradicator has always kept Dominik alongside her in her storylines and matches. As a result, it helped him grow and strive under one of the most prominent superstars on the roster. Moreover, Ripley has pulled out the man from inside Rey Mysterio’s son. Without a doubt, it can be said that The Nightmare has uplifted Dominik’s level and brought out the best in him.


Therefore, Rhea Ripley accentuated the career of the modern-day Latino Heat. However, the WWE Universe believes there’s a lot more for him to learn on the roster. The fans also appreciate him for showing incredible progress with his heel persona as part of Judgment Day.

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