Nikki A.S.H cashes in MITB contract successfully within 24-hours of her win

Nikki A.S.H successfully cashed in her Money in the Bank contract to become the new WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

nikki a.s.h.
New Raw Women's Champion Nikki A.S.H.
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Nikki A.S.H. surprised the WWE Universe when she won the WWE Money in the Bank women’s ladder match. All the Superstars were brawling atop the ladders, when Nikki A.S.H (Almost Super Hero) sneakily climbed up and grabbed the briefcase.

Her Money in the Bank was surprising, but WWE went one step further and ended the latest episode of Raw, with a successful cash-in. While the fastest cash-in is a little less than an hour, Nikki A.S.H.’s cash-in too is among the quickest ones, at a little over a day.  

On the latest episode of the Red brand, Rhea Ripley challenged Charlotte Flair for a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Flair had captured the title just the previous night at WWE Money in the Bank.

While the match ended in a disqualification, allowing Flair to retain, what followed – costed Flair the title. Rhea Ripley attacked Flair after the match. The Queen lay in the ring exhausted, as Nikki ran in to cash in the contract. Just one dive from the top rope, helped Nikki A.S.H. to win the title.

Vince McMahon is a fan of the Nikki A.S.H gimmick

nikki a.s.h.
Nikki cashed in her title within 24 hrs

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly a big fan of the Nikki A.S.H. gimmick. The initiative she took to create her new gimmick, led her to being rewarded with the MITB win, and ultimately, the Raw Women’s Championship.

“Vince loves the gimmick and feels that she has opened up a world of opportunities to sell more merchandise and for her to do some community outreach with the kids. She took the initiative and she got rewarded last night. She brings a lot to the table and she made herself much more valuable with this superhero gimmick.”

Interestingly, just a couple of months of ago, Nikki Cross was barely seen on WWE TV. She made some appearances with Alexa Bliss, but that was all. She came up with the new Nikki A.S.H. gimmick and was regularly seen on Raw since. Now we can definitely expect to see more of her, as the WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

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