“Put his career on the line and make Becky help him” Vince Russo suggests a stipulation to build up Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 38

Vince Russo has come up with an interesting storyline for the build-up to Seth Rollins' road to Wrestlemania

It has been heavily rumoured that the Architect Seth Rollins has been booked to face the AEW original star Cody Rhodes in a high profile match at the most stupendous Wrestlemania of all time. Vince Russo has brought up a stipulation that sounds interesting and would make a lot of people bat their eyes on their match the grandest stages of them all.

Make Seth Rollins put his career on the line at Wrestlemania

Seth Rollins has no plans yet for WrestleMania 38
Seth Rollins has no plans yet for WrestleMania 38

As we all have been seeing through the past couple of weeks, after Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens lost their shot at the Raw Tag Team Championships, the duo has been trying to figure out their road to Wrestlemania. With Kevin Owens winning again Seth this past week on Raw, Kevin’s road to Wrestlemania has been sought as he hosts the biggest KO Show of all time with the special guest Texas’ own Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It has been portrayed on TV that Seth has been trying to find a Wrestlemania opponent or any angle that could allow him to get his own Wrestlemania moment but that has not been the case so far. Seth apparently has no feud heading up to Wrestlemania and Seth has blacked out his Social Media profiles namely Twitter and Instagram to express his emotions. This looks like a perfect scenario for Seth Rollins to put his career on the line for a match at Wrestlemania. It could be an open challenge, it could be anything. But Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes having Seth put his career on the line definitely would draw many eyes.

Becky Lynch then interferes to save the day for Rollins

Becky Lynch interferes
Becky Lynch interferes

Seth’s wife, Becky Lynch has already been announced to defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair who won her shot after winning the Elimination Chamber match. Now, if WWE does go with Seth putting his career on the line against Cody Rhodes, it would make sense for Becky to interfere and save the day for Rollins. So were the thoughts of Vince Russo and this is what he said:

“To me, the only way he could get in WrestleMania is he’s gonna have to offer something in return, and if it were me, I would have him put his career on the line,” Russo said. “And then to do exactly what you’re talking about [a WWE star defeating an original AEW star], I would just have Becky screw Cody in the match and Seth go over.”

The stipulation looks amazing I’m sure if it does happen, every WWE enthusiast would look forward to it and what better way could it be to hype Cody Rhodes’ comeback match in WWE? The upcoming 2 weeks would surely define what WWE has in mind for Seth Rollins’ road to Wrestlemania.

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