WWE Smackdown results – 26/03/2021 (Daniel Bryan – Edge – Roman Reigns fallout)

Checkout the latest WWE Smackdown results. Daniel Bryan officially added to the Wrestlemania 37 Universal Championship match.

roman reigns edge daniel bryan
Edge attacked Reigns and Bryan

The episode of WWE Smackdown kicked off with the highlights of the WWE Universal Championship match from WWE Fastlane.

Daniel Bryan’s segment

daniel bryan
Daniel Bryan

Bryan walked down to the ring with a steel chair. He said that everyone saw the reality as he did something that Reigns said could never happen. Everybody saw Roman Reigns tap out. reigns said he would die rather than tap out. but he is alive and he did tap out to Daniel Bryan.

Bryan mentioned that in a perfect world, Bryan would be standing as the Universal Champion and main-eventing Wrestlemania. But none of that was happening. All of this was due to Edge. The Rated R Superstar hit him with the steel chair and cost him the match.

Bryan said he earned the Universal Championship match, earned the Universal title and also earned the main event of Wrestlemania. But he was willing to earn all of them again and demanded a Universal Championship match against Reigns tonight. He grabbed the chair and sat in the middle of the ring.

WWE official Adam Pearce walked out. He said that he could not give Bryan the match. While he did see Reigns tapping out but the referee’s decision was final. Bryan said he had a solution, he offered to face the winner of the Reigns- Edge match right after their match.

Pearce called it unfair. Bryan called out his double standards as Bryan faced Reigns right after his 40 minutes long Elimination Chamber match. But he then suggested that Edge and Reigns face each other on Night One and then Bryan faces their winner on Night Two.

Edge’s segment

edge daniel bryan
Edge and Daniel Bryan

The 2021 Royal Rumble winner walked out and interrupted Bryan. He said that since the last month Edge heard Bryan saying that this could be his final Wrestlemania. But Edge’s every match could be his last.

He won the Royal Rumble and outlasted 29 opponents including Bryan. But Bryan has lost twice to Reigns already. He called Bryan a son of a b**** and said that he does not deserves a match. Bryan took Edge down but Edge speared him. Edge grabbed the steel chair and hit Bryan’s back.

Seth Rollins def. Shinsuke Nakamura

seth rollins shinsuke nakamura
Rollins and Nakamura

A running knee by Nakamura as he threw Seth in the corner. Rollins hung Nakamura on the top rope as Seth climbed up. Nakamura tripped him up and Seth fell onto the mat. A knee to the back of the head by Nakamura onto Seth.

Rollins slammed Nakamura to the turnbuckle but Shinsuke bounced off and hit Seth with a flying kick. Nakamura placed Seth in between the two ropes and followed with a sliding release German suplex.

Nakamura placed Seth horizontally on the top rope, he went for a flying knee but Seth moved out of the way. He hit Nakamura with the falcon arrow. Seth told Nakamura he had to respect him. Nakamura prepared for the Kinshasa but Seth moved out of the way and a forearm by Seth. Rollins lifted Nakamura up and slammed him. Rollins with the stomp on Nakamura for the win.

Rollins continued to attack Nakamura after the match. Cesaro came out to make the save with an uppercut. He prepared for the swing but Rollins escaped. Seth challenged Cesaro at Wrestlemania, and Cesaro accepted.

Apollo Crews and The Alpha Academy def. Big E and The Street Profits

otis apollo crews gable
Gable, Crews and Otis

Dawkins and Otis started the match. A head lock by Dawkins as Otis sent him to the ropes. Dawkins hit a drop kick but Otis was still on his feet. Ford was tagged in and they double teamed him but Otis  still managed to stay on his feet.

A powerslam by Otis and Gable was tagged in and they double teamed Ford in the middle of the ring. Ford flew over the top rope but a Northern Lights Suplex by Gable took Ford down. Crews was tagged in and he stomped on Ford.

Crews with a vertical suplex but Ford landed on his feet and he knocked Crews down. Big E knocked Otis off the ring apron and a belly to belly onto Gable. Big E with the big splash. He went for the Big Ending but Gable reversed it into an arm bar but Big E got out of it. A yurinagi by Big E. He went for the cover but Crews broke it up.

Crews is tagged in as he and Big E battled it out. Crews with the Olympic slam onto Big E for the win.

The Kevin Owens Show

kevin owens sami zayn
Owens and Zayn

The guest on the show was Sami Zayn. Owens mentioned that he tried to convince Zayn that the conspiracies were not true, but Zayn kicked him for that. Zayn said that he was sorry. But he is now ready with his documentary.

Next week there will be a red carpet premiere for the trailer of his documentary. He mentioned that Logan Paul is convinced about the documentary. Owens said that he doesn’t care about the documentary.

Owens challenged Zayn for a match at Wrestlemania. Zayn unwillingly accepted, as Owens hit him with the Stunner.

Bianca Belair def. Natalya

bianca belair natalya
Natalya and Belair

A dropkick by Bianca as she got Natalya in the corner. Natalya rolled to the outside. She got back in the ring as Bianca went for a right hand but Natalya ducked and she dropped Bianca. Belair climbed on the top rope as Sasha’s music hit. She distracted Bianca who is on the ring apron. The referee was distracted as Tamina knocked Bianca down.

Sasha joined commentary. A hurricanrana by Natalya. She went for the cover but Bianca kicked out. Natalya climbed the second rope but Bianca brought her down with a suplex.

Bianca went for a moonsault but Natalya moved out of the way. Both women ran towards each other and knocked each other down. Bianca rolled to the outside of the ring.

Sasha got in Bianca’s face as Bianca slapped Sasha, knocking her down. Bianca got back in the ring and a right hand by Bianca. She hit Natalya with the KOD for the win. Sasha hit Bianca with the Backstabber for the win.

Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler

rey mysterio
Rey Mysterio

Ziggler got Rey in the corner and hit him with the big splash. Ziggler went for another splash but Rey moved out of the way. Rey went for the 619 but an elbow by Ziggler. He lifted Rey up but right hands by Rey and he threw Ziggler over the top rope and onto the outside.

Rey jumped off the ring apron but Ziggler caught Rey and he threw Rey over the barricade. Dominik checked on Rey but Ziggler super kicked Dominik.

Ziggler placed Rey on the top rope and went for the suplerplex but Rey knocked Ziggler down. Rey with a senton off the top rope took Ziggler down. Ziggler went for the super kick but Rey ducked and tripped Ziggler up. He went for the 619 but Roode got in the ring and so did Dominik.

Roode threw Dominik to the outside and Rey with a dropkick onto Roode. Ziggler with the ZigZag onto Rey. He went for a gutwrench but Rey threw Ziggler onto the second rope and hit him with the 619. Rey with a splash off the top rope for the win.

Adam Pearce announces Wrestlemania Night Two main event

daniel bryan roman reigns adam pearce edge
Universal Chamnpionship match will be a triple-threat match

Roman Reigns was in the ring with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Adam Pearce, Daniel Bryan and Edge made their way to the ring. Pearce mentioned that he knew why Pearce and Reigns do not want to wrestle twice on one night.

But Daniel Bryan also has a point. So the Universal Championship match at Wrestlemania 37 will be a triple-threat match. Bryan and Edge started to fight. He knocked Edge down as Roman hit Bryan with Superman punch.

WWE officials ran out to the ring. Edge speared Reigns and placed the steel chair in the middle of the ring and sat down as the show ended.

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